Edmonds native spots rare shark in Puget Sound near Edmonds



The basking shark spotted near Edmonds Saturday. (Photo by Grace Coale)

Grace Coale, 19, wasn’t scared when she saw a 25-foot shark headed toward her fishing boat as she and her father were fishing near Meadowdale Wharf Saturday. The Edmonds native realized that she had spotted a basking shark, a rare species in Puget Sound.

According to our online news partner The Seattle Times, Coale began taking photos of the shark as it approached; Coale also sent those photos to My Edmonds News.

Dr. Heidi Dewar, fishery research biologist with National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, confirmed that Coale’s photos were of a basking shark. Basking sharks aren’t historically rare to the Puget Sound, but hunting and bycatching has led to a limited number of sharks in the area, Dewar said.

You can read the full Seattle Times story here.




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