Just released: Our latest Edmonds Today video magazine — the Beatniks come to the Taste, Happy Hour at Bar Dojo, Edmonds Moms Fun Run and more

Edmonds Today host Teresa Wippel interviews Mark Nelson of the ever-popular Taste of Edmonds band, the Beatniks, scheduled to play the beer garden at 8 p.m. this Friday.
Mark Nelson of The Beatniks talks about his band’s long-time popularity in the Taste of Edmonds beer garden. The band is scheduled to play at the Taste at 8 p.m. this Friday, Aug. 8

My Edmonds News TV presents its August 2014 video magazine, Edmonds Today. In this edition, you’ll find the following profiles, which are included in the 16-minute show and are also available as separate segments for shorter viewing time.
– Mark Nelson, lead guitarist for the Beatles tribute band The Beatniks, shares why the group is A Taste of Edmonds beer garden favorite. This segment is sponsored by Edmonds Driftwood Players.

– Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh explains how you can protect yourself from popular scams and get-rich-quick schemes.
– Edmonds Happy Hour’s Janette Turner visits Bar Dojo, where Andrew Leckie mixes up a signature cocktail from this popular Five Corners restaurant.
-Kate Nichols reveals what’s behind the Edmonds Moms Facebook group — and an upcoming fundraising walk aimed at bringing these virtual moms face-to-face.



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