Scene in Edmonds: No weaseling out of this photo op

Leroy Vanhee LeRoy got these great photos of a Long-tailed Weasel at Marina Beach today. We see coyotes, the occasional river otter, introduced bunny rabbits, and some native Douglas squirrels. The Long-tailed Weasel is a Washington native mammal and you just don't see them that often. This is a good Edmonds find and worth posting as one of your Edmonds scenes. In this weather, everybody is showing up at the beach!

LeRoy VanHee discovered this Long-tailed Weasel at Marina Beach Thursday. It’s a Washington native mammal but is seldom seen. Noted Carol Riddel, our Bird Lore author, who submitted these photos: “In this weather, everybody is showing up at the beach!”



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  1. Great shots–what fun!

  2. Good shots, Leroy. I photographed one at Brackett’s Landing a few years ago. Let’s hope they eat the rats that live in the marina breakwater.

  3. Great pictures!

  4. “I can haz Taste of Edmonds?”

  5. What a beautiful little guy. Thanks for sharing some of our wildlife.

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