Stay back if you see a seal pup

If you see a baby seal like this one, it's best to stay back.
If you see a baby seal like this one on an Edmonds beach, it’s best to leave it alone.

Susan Morrow, founder of the volunteer group Edmonds Seal Sitters, reminds us that it will soon be “pupping season” for seals. That means baby seals will soon be using local beaches “to rest and warm up, usually while their mothers are offshore foraging for food.”

Says Morrow:

OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE is educating folks about what to do if they encounter a seal on the beach. By law, for your own safety, and for the well-being of the animal you must never touch a seal, feed it, relocate it, pour water on it, etc. If there is too much commotion around a baby seal, the mother will abandon it, with disastrous results.

If you see a seal on the beach, it is best to stay 100 feet back and call the Edmonds Seal Sitters hotline at 425-327-3336, Morrow advises.


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