Tuesday’s committee meeting night for the Edmonds City Council


Here are the agendas for each of the Edmonds City Council committee meetings set for Tuesday night, Aug. 12. All meetings start at 6 p.m. in rooms specified in the council chambers, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds:

Note that the City Council committee meetings are work sessions for the council and staff. Members of the public are welcome to observe, but public participation is limited to making comments at the end of the meeting with a three-minute limit per person.

Finance Committee, Jury Meeting Room
A. (10 Minutes) 2014 June Quarterly Budgetary Financial Report
B. (5 Minutes) Employee Expenses, Volunteer Recognition and Reimbursements Policy
C. (15 Minutes) IT Update
D. (10 Minutes) PFD Quarterly Report
E. (10 Minutes) Business License Fees Discussion
F. (10 Minutes) Public comments (three-minute limit per person)

Parks, Planning & Public Works Committee, Council Chambers
A. (5 Minutes) Public Works Quarterly Project Report
B. (5 Minutes) Report and project close out for the WWTP Switchgear Upgrade Project.
C. (15 Minutes) Phase 4 – Energy Improvement Project
D. (10 Minutes) Proof-of-Concept Proposal for the Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Project
E. (5 Minutes) Authorization to award a construction contract for the 2014 Citywide Storm Drainage Improvement Project to D&G Backhoe, Inc. in the amount of $337,759.43.
F. (5 Minutes) Authorization for Mayor to approve acceptance and recording of a Quit Claim Deed for 740 15th St S.W.
G. (5 Minutes) Report on final construction costs for the 220 7th Ave Curb Ramp and Curb/Gutter Project and acceptance of project
H. (5 Minutes) Authorization to award a construction contract for the 15th St SW Walkway Project.
I. (10 Minutes) Update on Edmonds Arts Commission temporary art projects on 4th Avenue Cultural Corridor
J. (10 Minutes) Public comments (Three-minute limit per person)

Public Safety and Personnel Committee, Police Training Room
A. (10 Minutes) Liquor/Recreational Marijuana License Review Process
B. (15 Minutes) Lead Court Clerk job description
C. (10 Minutes) Public comments (3-minute limit per person)

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