New on My Edmonds News TV: Ride with Larry Vogel along Sunset Avenue

You're in the passenger seat as Larry Vogel drives along Sunset Avenue Monday afternoon to see the temporary striping placed by the city to give citizens a better sense of what a permanent walkway would look like.
You’re in the passenger seat as Larry Vogel drives along the Edmonds waterfront’s Sunset Avenue Monday afternoon to see the temporary striping placed by the City of Edmonds. The idea is to give citizens a better sense of what a permanent walkway would look like.


  1. I hope all the council members go down and take a HARD look at this mess before it goes any further and cost the tax payers at whole lot more than already has been spent. Lets just call this experiment a failure and leave it at that. I’m sure we could be spending the tens of thousands of dollars on our failing roads somewhere else though out the city. Heck, use the money to fix the road at the end of Sunset Ave to 4th ave. Has anybody tried to back out of the angled parking spots yet? There’s not enough room to turn before you back over the east sidewalk. You can’t see traffic approaching because you have to be halfway in the lane of traffic if you have a car next to you. Pedestrians and bikes on the same path, REALLY! Do you not think the dog walkers aren’t going to continue to use the grass walkway? Lets not screw up this road like the way we screwed up Main between 5th and 6th by narrowing it to the point that a car will not fit inside the parking lines. Let find something else for staff to burn up hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of tax payers money.

  2. Yes, try walking on the existing sidewalk now, cars coming right up next to the curb fast (few feet from where you are walking( and a car backing out of the angled parking space almost into a car heading up Sunset …..Wow! Then there is the mega $20,000. spent for the temporary marks. We watched this morning/yesterday with Mr. Williams there directing or something……$20,000 temporary marking……Incredible………….Hard to believe. .

    And this was all for?……..Well, at least those at the north end of Sunset have no parking in front of their houses anymore……

    And were we pre-$20,000 already at a million?…..Just wondering. Almost hard to believe this whole thing. I invite all to go look, walk, drive……Accidents waiting to happen even at the 10mph

    Yes, Main St. comes to mind. Not practical and accidents waiting to happen with people opening their car doors and knocking bicyclists off their bikes.

  3. I would appreciate knowing where the idea for this originated. I admit I do not attend City Council meetings and there may have been info delivered there. Did the homeowners on Sunset request a change? I would understand it if they did, but it seems only SOME are benefitting from the changes, are the others upset now? Did dog walkers or those who enjoy parking on Sunset complain? With fewer spots to park it will be interesting to see where and how people park now! And the dog walkers need to be super careful with cars having a very limited site. I don’t know enough about the decisions being made and the reasons for those decisions – My Edmonds News – do you have any background information for us?

  4. Larry said the first thing you’ll see is the yellow line…… The first thing that caught my eye was that Larry did not stop at the stop sign before entering Sunset Avenue πŸ™‚

  5. Once again, it appears to me that our city council and Public Works are pushing a solution to a non-existing problem (i.e.,5 Corners). I have walked Sunset, both the path and the sidewalk, for years and cannot understand what all the fuss is about. Yes, it gets a little crowded on a sunny Sunday afternoon, but that’s not a bad thing. Please, please, just leave it alone and put the money where it will be really helpful. Council members, I hope you will set aside sufficient funds to erase the maze of lines now painted on the road. And, please also encourage the city’s grant writers to apply for grants that fund improvements to the city that we actually need.

  6. Jennifer, there are so many people who have objected to this project at council meetings. And like you, there are so many people who knew nothing about it. The articles you are being linked to always seemed to focus on how beneficial this would be, not how much money it would cost, how dangerous it would be, and most importantly, why fix it when there was nothing wrong with it. The City got an initial grant for design of $159,000. They have now spent upwards of about $350,000 for what, a dangerous mess. People were crying the day of striping who have been coming here for decades and loved it the way it was and didn’t know this was going to happen. Burlington owns part of the street so the City will be leasing that portion of the project. The bank needs shoring up in places and the city will be paying to do that. This project will end up being millions of dollars and how much will the city have to pay out of pocket for it. Grant money will not cover the whole thing. People need to speak up and make this project go away.


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