New video: Panelists explore mix of money and politics at Edmonds Senior Center forum

panel money screen
Click to watch: About 75 citizens attended a community forum, “Money Out of Politics,” earlier this week, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County. Panelists included Jim Street of Fix Democracy Now, which is working to overturn the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision; Grant Degginger, chairman of the State Public Disclosure Commission and State Senator Marko Liias.


  1. I find this comment (skip to 38:10) from Senator Liias troubling:

    The core of what our campaign donation system allows is access. It creates access between folks that have money and the folks that are running for office… if an association that disagrees with me philosophically on everything comes to me with a campaign check, I don’t change my views… I still have those core beliefs. But it does create an ability for them to have a conversation.

    Is this an admission that you can (or must) buy the senator’s time? Why would Senator Liias accept a campaign contribution from “an association that disagrees with [him] philosophically on everything”? And shouldn’t his door be open to anyone from his district, or who has business before the legislature, not just those who have paid the toll?




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