Video: Bird’s eye view of roundabout


From John Rumpelein, who used his quadcopter to get this view of the Five Corners Roundabout Wednesday.


  1. It’s a neat design, and looks even nicer from the air. It was especially handy that they buried all the power lines, as I would have had to contend with them otherwise.

  2. This was shot with a DJI Phantom in “Atti.” mode, fixed attitude and altitude, and allowed to drift in the breeze for parallax.

  3. Regarding legal rights to privacy I hope this isn’t the same drone that showed up at my studio and another reported residence in Edmonds. While many look at these as a toy or a new electronics gadget, these are also being used to actually spy on people, case peoples homes, etc. I am not saying that the operator of this drone does that, but drones up close and personal are quite scary. Particularily when it dawns on you that the drone has a camera and is looking right at you.
    This is a great video, but there are people buying these and using them for other purposes.

  4. I agree with the question about drones within our air space. One day we will all regret them being allowed for many reasons.

    • Unfortunately, there is no place in our city that drivers are not exceeding the speed limit. An acceleration of serious accidents is inevitable.

  5. The use of a private drone is troubling as is the use by law enforcement, though law enforcement arguably has some reasons to use them. Firstly there is the safety issue: distracting to drivers with a drone flying around above them, then there is the privacy issue (drones are banned in National Parks or will be shortly). Perhaps the City Council can address the issue of private droves being used in Edmonds. It is deeply troubling.

  6. Sure is purdy…gosh darn! And we got it on the cheap…only 3+ million deniros…

    Oops…got another flat tired from those darn pot holes in town…

    • Well, Mr. Bury, I wouldn’t be laughing too long or loud and making fun of regular citizens, as this particular drone that showed up at our studio showed up within a day of doing some FOIA requests from our City of Edmonds;…….Coincidentally, a worker-bee also showed up outside our studio at the same tiime and said someone at town hall had sent him…… explanation/nothing……So, not such a laughing matter to joke about, lest you forget that this is the United States of America with a Constitution and Laws!…..I would be careful what you laugh away

  7. Really nice, but I have mixed feelings. Not everyone who uses drones is responsible. Having been in a light aircraft when one went whizzing by left me shaking. Some regulation and compromise will be needed.

  8. About 30 cars and one pedestrian used the roundabout in the 52 second video. That would not have been possible with the old arrangement. Saves gas, saves time, saves frustration. Good design. And we got some grant money to help us pay for it. I have noticed that some real estate people are using the planning areas for signs. Not cool and the signs I looked at are not in compliance with city code.

    • sure it did under the old way…and it would have been a heck of a lot cheaper…now the city is in hock up to its elbows and needs new levies to break even…the money is already spent…foolishly!

  9. Flowing traffic produces less pollution than stop and go traffic and it saves gas too. The studies show the savings and the video seems to support the studies. Safer crosswalks, working on the utilities underground, better lighting, and undergrounding overhead lines in the area were also benefits. Good government cost money, better government cost more.

  10. “Good government cost money, better government cost more.” Yes, I agree with you, Darrol, and I am willing to pay more in taxes to repair Edmonds’ streets and to improve other car/pedestrian problem areas in the city.


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