Ask the Edmonds Cop: Coyotes and your pet


Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley answers your public safety questions. This week: Edmonds has coyotes. Are they dangerous to pets? What about people?


  1. A couple of questions number one is it in the evening morning nighttime that they are more likely to be out hunting?

    Number two if you know they are into your can you set a trap to capture them and have them removed from your yard if you know they are constant visitor?

    If so what department would you call?

    • I spoke with Sgt. Hawley about this and he said that coyotes mostly come out at night, but if they are finding food for a litter of pups they could be out during the day as well. As for trapping them, it’s not something that Edmonds police recommend and they would not be able to respond if you did capture one. Police do recommend keeping trash cans tightly closed and not keeping pet food outdoors. You can find more information on coyotes at the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website here.

  2. Coyotes carry diseases, often hunt in packs, breed like horse flies and they find pets very tasty and yummy!

    Need more be said?? ……


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