Fire District 1 Commissioners to consider resolution supporting county fireworks ban


Fire District 1 Chief Ed WiddisCommissioners at Snohomish County’s largest fire district next week will consider adoption of a resolution asking the county to ban fireworks.

The Fire District 1 Board of Commissioners expects to take action at its regular meeting on June 16 on the proposed resolution asking the Snohomish County Council to ban the sale and discharge of fireworks in unincorporated areas. The meeting is open to the public and begins at 7 p.m. at Fire District 1 Headquarters, 12425 Meridian Ave. S, Everett.

Fire District 1 serves nearly 200,000 residents in unincorporated south Snohomish County, Brier, Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace. Two of these municipalities – Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace – already ban fireworks. The discharge of fireworks is legal on July 4 in the remainder of Fire District 1’s service area.

The City of Lynnwood, which has its own fire department, has also banned fireworks in its city limits.

Since 2005, fireworks have been responsible for a total of more than $3.28 million in property loss in Fire District 1, displacing 15 households from homes and apartments, the fire district said in a news release Thursday.

“Every year, we hear from citizens who say they’re afraid to leave their homes on July 4 because of all the fireworks going off in their neighborhoods,” said Jim Kenny, chair of the Fire District 1 Board of Commissioners. “We’re considering this resolution calling for a ban to restore their sense of security, reduce injuries and cut property losses.”

He noted the resolution seeks a ban that would apply only to private fireworks use, and would still allow for professional displays. “Those who think it wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without fireworks could attend a public display put on by trained professionals,” Kenny said. “That’s the safest way to enjoy fireworks.”

Banning fireworks can be an effective method for reducing fireworks injuries and property loss, said Fire Chief Ed Widdis. “Bans in Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds have been effective in reducing our call volumes, property loss and injuries.”

Typically, Fire District 1’s call load in the unincorporated area more than doubles on July 4. To help handle the heavy volume of fireworks-related 9-1-1 calls expected on the holiday, Fire District 1 will have additional firefighters on duty July 4. “This will supplement the around-the-clock staffing we regularly provide at 12 fire stations in south Snohomish County,” Widdis said.


  1. Great!! Now make it happen in unincorporated Edmonds too as we literally have people who do their own entire hour long aerial fireworks show twice a year and have no cares about how dry it is in July with so many houses in our area.

  2. There are too many Veterans living in the area who do not react well to the sound of the fireworks. We live just north of incorporated Lynnwood. We have had a full day of fire works on the 4th of July. We have fireworks on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, if the Sea Hawks make a goal…and later in the evenings all year round. I am all for a county wide ban.

    • I must live by you, the same people who do aerial fireworks for hours on July 3/4 and New Years do the Seahawks fireworks also. It’s ridiculous. We had found many bottle rockets on our roof several times and we live over a block from them.

  3. A search of the city web site does not produce much information on a fire works ban. Any one know how to find information about the Edmonds ban? If we have a ban how will we enforce it? What should the public do to help when we see residential fireworks right by our neighborhood trees? Can we take pictures to show violations and give them to the police for investigation and enforcement? How do we help make the ban work?

  4. Legal consumer fireworks are only legal to discharge in Snohomish County on July 4th. All fireworks that go off before or after that day including the holidays you mentioned ARE ALREADY ILLEGAL! You can’t make something that is already illegal illegal! You can only enforce the current ordinance and educate people. Firework are illegal in Snohomish County 364 days a year. The reservations can sell year around and are not subject to any state or Snohomish County fireworks ordinance. If people cannot buy legal consumer product safety test and highly regulated fireworks from the local non-profit organizations, they will buy on the reservation and bring back into your community even MORE of the illegal bottlerockets (pink sticks), firecrackers and M-80s etc. Fireworks bans don’t work! Ask anyone that lives in a banned city if there are NO fireworks going off in their city! Education and enforcement of current ordinances would make it safer and maintain the freedom for families and neighbors to have their traditional celebration in a safe and sane manner using only legal fireworks.

  5. They can be illegal BUT even when it’s very dry and people still are shooting off rockets the police and fire departments wouldn’t come when we and neighbors called for years. So…. You can get the county to mail you their fireworks are illegal posters and post them on community mailboxes etc. It worked for one area near us albeit people complained but Cest la vie, we have to protect each other’s homes.

  6. Amen to that ban!!! I was very happy to install my new roof, replacing the extremely flammable old cedar shake with composite. I too have found bottle rockets on my roof. Not so much in the last two years. I am for the ban!!!!

  7. I have lived in 2 different neighborhoods of Edmonds and have called and reported the Illegal fireworks and the police did not respond either time. Maybe the police are just too busy on the 4th managing the traffic to and from the fireworks display to respond.

  8. As I said before, bottlerockets and other illegal fireworks are ALREADY illegal! They are already BAN! We don’t need another law…we need to enforce the current law. Melissa Baker just said she lived in 2 different Edmonds neighborhoods and called about illegal fireworks–the city of Edmonds has a ban!

  9. fireworks are illegal inside the Edmonds city limits. There has been a ban in the city of at least a decade or more. There is no ban in unincorporated Snohomish County. There are fireworks that are illegal everywhere. Enforcement is a low priority which is too bad. many urban areas have bans and SnoCo is too populated to have fireworks. areas with bans have lower fire loss and few injuries. Bravo to the Fire district for keeping this on the front burner. No it is time to turn up the heat at the county council for action.

  10. With the congested housing and apartment building being allowed since they made most of Snohomish county multi residential to get more money and humdinger in here it’s really not safe to have fireworks. Even though illegal there isn’t enough coverage to get to stop people it seems.
    Maybe posters could be placed and more free media on TV stating the fine amounts??

  11. My 13 yr old died from legal fireworks -Shane Lynch. The impact shattered his forehead to tiny bits, cracked his skull in half and 90% of his brain was burnt by what used to be called “Safe & Sane ” note that term is no longer used. All consumer fireworks should be banned- save the CHILDREN from injury /death. People with allergies suffer and animals have extreme anxiety during the weeks of illegal lighting. Flash powder can ignite from STATIC ELECTRICITY -many fireworks are made with flash powder, dynamite is safer than flash powder- educate your family. Why should I have to watch my home with water ready every year from others neglect ! I pray they ban fireworks. R.I.P. Shane Lynch


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