Scene nearby: Edmonds artist Mona Smiley-Fairbanks’ work at Syre Elementary

'Theater of Dreams,' by artist Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks with Syre students.
‘Theater of Dreams,’ by artist Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks with Syre students.

Shoreline School District, according to many reports, has a well-regarded program for bringing artists, teachers, and students together with grant money for projects. One such project in the 2014-15 school year brought Edmonds artist Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks to Shoreline’s Syre Elementary to create ‘Theater of Dreams,’ a border around the school’s performing space. Smiley-Fairbanks worked with students from all grades, K-6, with teacher Jenny Hodgen, and parent volunteer Jalayne Boni. “The project,” according to the artist, “was sponsored by the Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Commission, the Shoreline Public School Foundation, and the Syre PTA. This is my third all-school project at Syre, after doing many years of in-class projects. Each year, the projects get bigger and better, and I am so proud to work with the wonderful student group, parents, and staff at Syre Elementary School.”

To see a list of Shoreline grants and projects, see here. And to learn more about Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks, see the artist’s website.



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