Question about patches in Edmonds

After: Asphalt patch at 9th Ave. S. and Walnut today.
After: Asphalt patch at 9th Ave. S. and Walnut today.

A reader asked whether the road patch repair at the corner of 9th Avenue and Walnut is complete. Here are before and after photos.

Before photo from Google maps of 9th Ave. S. and Walnut.
Before photo from Google maps of 9th Ave. S. and Walnut.


  1. I’ve been wondering that myself. Does anyone know if the city is planning on repaving any of the roads they’ve been ripping up for the water main replacements? Or are we going to have “Seattle-style” roads all over Edmonds now? Many of the patch jobs from the pipe replacements are already crumbling elsewhere in the city… can’t wait to see them after the rain starts in the fall.

  2. I am not positive, but I believe they let the base work settle for a few weeks before applying the final asphalt patch. I imagine a quick call to public works would provide an answer – (425) 771-0235.

  3. There is a pretty deep, dangerous sink hole right to the right of that plate. We just came that way and were surprised to see such a hole and hazardous at that at that particular intersection. Must be an interesting explanation for that. A couple years ago we lost a whole tire that was totally cut and split by an asphalt 3 inch edge that was left by the crew. on 5th. How does this stuff get missed? …….Asphalt work is not rocket science and this would be a quick fix……Yes, public works: 425-771-0235

    *** Lots of out of school kids racing around town in their cars now, and this could be very dangerous for someone not noticing it, particularly at night.

  4. Who was it here in these comments that suggested the City of Edmonds continue to pursue the purchase of the Edmonds Conference Center and now she is complaining about the road repairs in Edmonds? If the city is going to spend money….would you rather it for a conference center or road repair?

  5. All the patches for this year’s water and sewer replacement projects are temporary, since work is in progress, and will be replaced with a permanent one once the work is completed. As for the work at 9th and Walnut, the contractor is currently replacing pipe at a rate of about 100 linear feet a day and is still replacing sewer main on Walnut near Yost Park. Once the main replacement portion of the work is completed, the contractor will replace all the sewer services along the alignment of the project. The contractor expects all the pipe work to be completed by September and plans on placing the permanent patch early October. This way there will be one uniform patch instead of the current patchwork of patches.

  6. Thank you for the explanation Mike. Despite the comments about “Asphalt work and rocket science”…..I would assume it is a bit more involved than just a patch!

  7. Well, there is still an extremely dangerous HOLE in the street right there……and yes, if we werent so busy giving away in this city and fiddling with law suits again and again, we would have plenty of money for infrastructure…….It is an actual hole in the street….so I guess once gain we’re not really seeing what we’re seeing…….and throw safety precations out the window!

  8. Thank you to Public Works for having filled in now this dangerous hole. Great job! We just drove through there again.


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