Scene in Edmonds: Mitch the cat is found

Six weeks after he was reported missing by his owner, Mitch the cat was found. (Found photo courtesy Michael Bury, who notes: "We're all happy to hear Mitch is found and was not a snack for a local coyote."
Six weeks after he was reported missing by his owner (and we publicized on My Edmonds News) Mitch the cat was found. The telephone pole photo is courtesy of Michael Bury, who notes: “We’re all happy to hear Mitch is found and was not a snack for a local coyote.”



  1. YaY! We are so happy for the owners! We know they went to great lengths to find their kitty! So glad it was a happy ending. When we lost our dog in the same neighborhood, we didn’t get the outcome we hoped for. Devestating.

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  2. Congratulations. Mitch is back and he looks well. Have any of his adventures come to light or is Mitch keeping mum?

  3. Although I have not actually met Mr. Mitch, I feel like I know this grand Edmonds kitty , and am so thankful little, cute Mitch has been found and is safe at his home.

  4. Now that this situation has come to a successful conclusion, I suggest that the owner of the signs quickly remove them before they have a legal problem as it is illegal to attach anything to utility poles.

      • The utility company that owns the poles, if they chose to enforce their restrictions – and that has happened. I once had a high school principal who liked to say: “A word to the wise is sufficient, govern yourself accordingly”. I don’t really care if the signs remain there; I was just trying to be helpful.

  5. So happy for you! Are there any details on how you found him? Did he just come wandering back in, or did someone find him for you?

  6. Yay for Mitch! The owner told me that he was found in someone’s backyard (that person recognized Mitch, after seeing his poster). That location was 1.5 miles away from his home. He had survived on his own outside for 42 days!

  7. This is great news. I appreciated the owners efforts (signs and I believe I recall a newspaper ad) but feared the worst for Mitch. Really nice to hear of the happy ending and hope the news can take the time to fill in details if any.

    • Here’s what Mitch’s owner said: “Somebody called from one of my big green flyers the other day, and he was found in a yard, a mile and a half away, exactly 6 weeks to the day he went missing! He is skinny, but otherwise doing wonderfully!”

  8. A big thank you to Mitch’s family for posting the found update
    to all of the posters, it really brought smiles to our faces. I am so happy you did not give up! Your persistence truely paid off. Welcome Home Mitch!

  9. So pleased Mitch was found as it eases the heart ache about our beloved Scampi, also listed in MyEmondsNews but alas has I fear gone to Kitty Heaven. Thanks to all who helped search for him and give Mitch the cat extra hugs from us. The Graysons


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