Ask the Edmonds Cop: Concealed weapons


Police Sgt. Shane Hawley addresses regulations regarding concealed weapons. If you have a question for Sgt. Hawley, email it to


  1. I find these little programs useful and interesting – thanks for doing them! But please ditch the lead-in music & sirens! it sounds like a reality cop show with lots of violence and action – and these re calm civil discussion. The two just don’t match – and the siren is annoying!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Actually, my video editor and I are working to change up the opening as these segments have morphed from “Edmonds Most Wanted” crime segments, which did seem more appropriate for sirens, into community service/information pieces.

  2. Here are a couple of questions to consider for a future chat. They have more bearing when we travel in Lynnwood past their traffic cameras, but the questions also relate to Edmonds travel.
    1. When in a school zone, the sign says “20 MPH when Children present” Does that mean present on the street or present inside the building or both?
    2. When a green traffic light changes to yellow…at what point is it illegal to enter the intersection?


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