Election 2015 video: Edmonds City Council Position 2 candidates


The first of our video interviews with Edmonds City Council candidates: Incumbent Mike Nelson vs. challenger Al Rutledge for Position 2.


  1. I appreciated the chance to learn more about Mike Nelson during the MyEdmondsNews interview. However, I was startled at the end of the interview to see Mike’s picture posted with Neil Tibbott’s website noted below. I trust that this “typo” can be corrected soon.


  2. Mr Nelson minimizes the significance of his conflict of interest between his day job with the Union and his responsibilities as a Council person. Most of the conflicts that arise for Council persons are situational but if elected his will be inherent. Even if he acts with abundant caution and is beyond reproach in acting ethically in his council position, the public will have no way to evaluate or even see that since labor negotiations are always behind closed door ( executive session and with very good reason), until way after the fact. The City budget is hugely impacted by the cost of labor.
    Mr Nelson cannot vote on some of those issues and as a Council member is elected to do just that. Labor negotiations the Unions are ongoing. His position is quite different than Council members who own businesses, are active members in a union, or simply support labor. His employer is a labor union.




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