Edmonds City Council special meeting Friday afternoon to consider amendment to Civic Field purchase agreement

Civic Field
Civic Field

After having its regular Tuesday meeting postponed due to weather-related power outages, the Edmonds City Council is scheduled to meet briefly by speaker phone at 3 p.m. Friday to consider one agenda item: an amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Edmonds School District for Civic Field. The meeting will be conducted by Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling in the Fourtner Room, 3rd floor of City Hall, 121 5th Ave. N.

The City Council on Nov. 10 authorized mayor to execute and implement the Purchase and Sale agreement for Civic Field. However, according to the meeting agenda, the school district recently expressed concerns regarding its ability to meet the state requirements to declare the Civic Field property surplus. Under state law, the district is required to notice the public about its intention to sell the property for two weeks, and follow it by a public hearing. It also requires the district to wait 45 days until it can sell the property.

Under the amendment here, the district will follow the state-mandated process of giving notice with the intention of signing the agreement once the notice provisions are met. The city council will decide during the Friday special meeting whether to authorize the mayor to sign the amendment prior to the school board’s next meeting Nov. 24. “This will allow the School Board to consider signing the purchase and sale agreement, and the amendment, at their Nov. 24 meeting,” the meeting agenda said.



  1. Here is a joke. “How many high priced lawyers does it take to continually not follow simple state law processes and procedures? I don’t know but I am sure the ESD and the City could tell you.

  2. It is hard to attribute yet another field-related foul up to incompetence since all of these errors work in favor of ESD. Is it possible the district is trying to unduly influence the city council’s deliberations on crumb rubber? We all need to be asking why a school district is so invested in choosing an infill that is known to off-gas carcinogens and other toxic chemicals when non-toxic alternatives are available.


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