HomeStreet Bank to build new Edmonds branch on site of current Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins owner John Kim serves customers.
Baskin-Robbins owner John Kim serves customers, with wife Hannah in the background.  (Photos by Larry Vogel)

The Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in downtown Edmonds is closing its doors Saturday, to be replaced by a new branch of HomeStreet Bank.

The ice cream store, located at 615 5th Ave. S., will serve its last scoops this Saturday, according to owners John and Hannah Kim. The building, along with the vacant building across the parking lot at 616 5th Ave. S. (most recently home to a Curves fitness studio), will be torn down to make way for the HomeStreet Bank’s branch, with opening anticipated in late 2016 or early 2017, said HomeStreet spokesman Michael Rubbinaccio.

Both the building housing the Baskin-Robbins as well as the vacant building to the south will be torn down to make way for the HomeStreet bank branch on 5th Avenue South.
Both the building housing the Baskin-Robbins as well as the vacant building to the south, at left, will be torn down to make way for the HomeStreet Bank branch on 5th Avenue South.

“Edmonds is a perfect community for HomeStreet,” Rubbinaccio said. “We’re looking forward to bringing our products and services to support the community. It will add full-service convenience to the area, joining our nearby Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood branches.”

Rubbinaccio said that site design plans have not yet been completed for the new bank branch.



  1. This is sad with the ease of banking online it isn’t really something needed in Edmonds and their are too few places to take kids.

  2. I’m disappointed that they’re not planning for a multi-family residential building with their bank on the ground-level floor.

  3. Yet another bank, just what nobody asked for. Can we at least get a decent credit union downtown? That would at least be a step up.

  4. Downtown Edmonds doesn’t need another bank. However, I’m with Scott Baker on this one, a credit union would be a step up.

  5. It does seem a bit odd. We have many banks already in town, and that site would seem to be a prime location for an attractive and functional mixed use building.

  6. The free market says otherwise. Banks do not place themselves where there isn’t a likely a market for them. And whether or not the Council wants a nice mixed use building and one they consider to be an attractive building isn’t within the Council’s power to dictate, the Council can only promulgate codes. But what property owners choose to do cannot be dictated beyond the codes. There seems to be a great deal of confusion on that simple issue here in Edmonds. If that site were a prime spot and an economically viable one for a mixed use building, the developers would have done just that. It apparently is not, and that may be a direct result of the codes, costs, restrictions, and regulations currently put in place by the Council.

  7. Ms Crank and I respectfully disagree on the City looking at purchasing that parcel. Edmonds has many many parks and a history of overspending on them while at the same time neglecting the maintenance of many of them. It would be nice to see an effort made to have the parks that exist have the ability to monitor the conditions under which the sprinklers are used ( in a dry period to assess the need for water v letting grass in under used parks go dormant). The Parks Department does a wonderful job working with the resources they are given but savings on water consumption seems a worthy effort and an economically viable one. And as to crumb rubber, the parks department might actually have real grass fields in very high demand should Edmonds keep real grass. It does seem to be what parents want these days.

    • Let me clarify: not purchase to make another park, but to own in general then rent/lease to another entity, thus having a say in what type of development goes there (while creating a revenue stream with land ownership).

      • We still disagree but I get where you are coming from. Personally I don’t think that the property management business is something this City should be getting into right now (if ever.) But it is a good point , Alicia.

        • The city has absolutely no business purchasing a building to lease out so that they can “control” what type of development comes to Edmonds. City government trying to create a revenue stream by being land owners is definitely not what local government should be involved in. Please leave this to the “private sector”. Local government should be doing just that, governing locally, not become property management bureaucracy.

  8. Oh my goodness! Another bank in Edmonds. Would have been great if they at least built apartments on top or something. What a waste of space.

  9. Another Bank? How wasteful for the space. Hope they do something while building with the dedicated bench in front. It was purchased by Curves members in memory of a very special employee. Hope it comes back after construction.

  10. Does anyone know what the Kims are going to do next? My niece and nephew will be upset to hear their favorite ice cream place is no more.

  11. As always, it’s a case of use it or lose it. Many times on a hot Summer’s Eve, the B.R. was still almost empty. The location is WRONG WRONG WRONG. It’s too far from town to walk with children; especially as “Revelations” is just a block away from the roundabout.
    Now if they could have moved to the location next to the Edmonds Bakery, they would have done a roaring business. Especially on Edmonds Summer Market Days. Everyone loves Baskin Robbins

  12. Seriously folks, Edmonds would be a much different place if banks didn’t want to come here. You don’t get it both ways.

  13. I have been a loyal US Bank customer for quite a number of years and have no intention of jumping ship now. If you look up
    “Edmonds” and “Banks” on Google Maps, you’ll see that all the major banks have branches in downtown Edmonds or in the Westgate neighborhood. There are currently 6 banks in downtown Edmonds and two banks in the Westgate neighborhood. This doesn’t include bank branches in grocery stores.

  14. I have lived in Edmonds since 1955, but am not a member of the “Keep Edmonds encased in amber” crowd, but am sad to see B&R close. The Kim’s are a great couple and a pleasure to do business with. A bit of nostalgia comes over me when I read about the closing. When our daughter Shana was about 3 years old we had just bought her a winter coat. We were down town for something and I stopped at Baskin and Robbins for ice cream. Knowing how a 3 year old eats ice cream, I found one that best matched the color of her coat, Daquiri Ice. She will be 39 in December, and still loves Daquiri Ice.

  15. Personally, I’m just grateful it won’t be another Starbucks.

    For people missing the ice cream, I highly recommend taking a ride a little further down 5th to check out the gelato place.


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