Scene in Edmonds: Storm aftermath

From Ken Sjodin, who heard a loud noise Saturday night, followed by his Edmonds neighbor notifying him about the tree that had just fallen in his backyard.


  1. For those of us with large trees in our yards and those of our neighbors, Saturday night’s high winds were very scary in light of the soft, saturated ground. On top of that, I was expecting yet another power outage.

  2. Replying to Bill Anderson: And, for those of us who live at Point Edwards, we experienced your expected power outage! About 3 hours of it.

  3. Nancy: I have a friend in Woodway who lives near Pt. Edwards. You have probably seen the two of us photographing birds in your area. He is on the same notorious power grid as you and I was thinking about him during last night’s storm.

  4. Bill, I’ve got two huge cedars out back, either of which could probably flatten my house. My only consolation is that they’ve been here longer than the house has been.

    • Many flora and fauna have been in my neighborhood longer than my house, but I’d saddened (to say the least) if one caused damage to my or my neighbors’ houses or to those living in them.


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