Out with the old, in with the new as Main Street Post Office closes


    The last customers of the old Edmonds Post Office stepped up to the counter in the final minutes before Saturday’s 1 p.m. closing. The Post Office will open in its new location just around the corner on 2nd Avenue at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

    According to an employee putting up signs outside the building Saturday afternoon, there will be no drive-thru mailbox at the new Post Office. The old drive-thru located along 2nd Avenue North will remain until the former Post Office is torn down, which is expected to happen soon, he said.

    While the new Post Office is about half the size of the existing facility, it utilizes the existing loading dock and provides “a more efficient space within which to operate,” according to developer Doug Spee of Edmonds 2020 LLC, who is building new apartments on the site.

    “We’ve been working with the Post Office to design a space that meets their needs and helps them control costs,” he added. “The current space is about twice as large as they need, so we worked with them to design the new facility to be smaller, more efficient, and most importantly, more cost-effective.”

    The old facility has served downtown Edmonds since 1961.

    — Story and photos by Larry Vogel


    1. No drive through drop off box that is crazy. There used to be 2 huge ones and I bet they got filled often. Especially around the holidays. Are there any in the Edmonds area at all? Maybe the owner of the IGA will put one in his upper lot to accommodate us. He has locked Amazon boxes in the store for safe deliveries now.

      Hope someone is rethinking this idea.

    2. As a disabled person who often uses the drive-through box rather than leave important mail in my vulnerable home mail box – and because I am disabled, having to park and walk into the office is a painful inconvenience. So I can only echo the comments above: we NEED a drive-through box!

    3. There are drive through boxes at the postal center located between College Place Middle School and EdCC. I think there are boxes at the postal center at Perrinville also. I do know that, because of repeated vandalism, the post office had to quit replacing the boxes at other locations, such as the one that had been at QFC. I remember when the discussion to close the post office altogether was going on so I am happy so that we have a post office downtown. The main operation (back space) of the old post closed down awhile ago and those operations were moved to the main postal center.

    4. Yes, we do need a drive-through box. And, will there be designated parking spaces for the PO underground? If so, how will they be monitored so people in the apartments above will not be using them. After all, they will have limited space as well if even half have more than one car.

      • It is my understanding that there is a dedicated garage, totally separate from the parking for the apartments, for the post office.

    5. Three that I know about are at the following locations:
      Edmonds Goodwill (in the QFC lot – 100th/9th and Edmonds Way)
      Edmonds Winco – 220th and Hwy 99
      Edmonds IGA

    6. No drop box! Ridiculous. Lots of people are disabled and use that box. Did they even consider the disabled that drive and not walk well. The one at IGA requires getting out of car.

    7. Well…. it appears that we will need a drive-thru drop box EDMONDS Post Office. I mean look at all the comments. I for one used the old one all the time. Let’s get this going shall we? Can’t be that difficult. Or should we just ask “how much $??”.

    8. And there IS a blue box at the Safeway on 236th & 99 (by West entrance of store).. but it’s not a drive-thru.

    9. I wonder if there could be box somewhere on the Artworks parking lot property. It’s not far from the new Post Office. The side street off Dayton and next to the Wastewater Treatment plant is a quiet street.


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