Scene in Edmonds: July 4th parade photo gallery


    Thousands lined the parade route in downtown Edmonds Monday and thousands more participated in the 2016 Edmonds Fourth of July children’s and main parades, hosted by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.


    1. I, and a number of people I spoke with, felt it was very inappropriate in the current cultural context that some of the parade participants carried weapons, including one representing the military and other Star Wars characters. The carriers may have known the weapons were fake or unloaded, but those of us watching did not. If mass public shootings were rare in our country, it might not have even been noticeable. But because they are common, it was unnerving. I hope next year there is more sensitivity to this issue, and weapons, even fake ones, are not allowed at the parade.

      Otherwise, the parade was great, as usual!


    2. I agree with the above commentor regarding fake or real weapons with anybody in this CURRENT culture……..At least a couple people IN the parade heard somebody say “we’re gonna take you down”……..from the audience………so, THIS is the current culture with some hateful people in our country and there does need to be open discussions regarding the few that hate and racism…..One can see, it only takes one to kill a lot of people and now days ANY entally ill or bigotted person can carry a weapon (and they do because of availaility) to use at a moments notice to shoot anybody. Reporters around the country did tests to see how quickly they could get a weapon and it was a matter of minutes. I would like to hope that our leaders in this city have some serious open discussions about this.




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