Found: Tabby cat in Sherwood Forest




Melissa Weissman found this female cat in the Sherwood Forest area of Edmonds, and is keeping her temporarily until the owner is found. The cat doesn’t have a chip. If she is yours, call 206-542-0394 or email


  1. That looks like the cat on the “missing cat” photos I have seen in the Maplewood area. I’ll go out after dinner and get a name and phone number.

  2. I thought the same thing, Bill. I called the number on the lost cat poster, and received a message back that this isn’t their kitty. Too bad.

  3. We’re settling into a routine. She wakes us up around 6 a.m. for breakfast, then she snuggles with one of us, then will hang out in the kitchen with me while I make breakfast and then will find a cozy place to nap. She’s currently napping on my office chair. I’ll get found cat posters put up over in Sherwood Forest tomorrow morning. I have posted her description on Next Door, several lost cat Facebook pages, and filed a found cat report on the PAWS web site.

  4. Thank you for taking in a lost cat, Melissa. You’re a life-saver. I’ve checked on craigslist in the lost and found section and the pet section and haven’t found any owners yet. I’m glad you have an ad in the lost and found section. I suggest you put your ad in the pet section too. Good luck.

    • I have two listings on Craigslist. One for each cat. They should be listed one after the other. C2 is currently napping on my office chair. I have put found cat fliers up around the Sherwood Forest neighborhood including one on the community bulletin board at Hickman Park. I have also dropped a flier off at Edmonds Westgate Animal Hospital and Woodhaven. We also have one at the Westgate UPS Store.

  5. Just a quick update, we have not located her owner yet. We’re thoroughly enjoying having her in our lives. I was out for most of the day and I could tell when I walked in the door that she missed me. She wanted to be my shoulder cat.

  6. Well, this sweet adorable tabby is still with us… and I’m glad about that. We will give her owner until at least November 14th to come forward and claim her. If after that time the owner hasn’t come forward, we will take this sweet cat to the vet to be examined and microchipped. She will become our indoor cat. Chloe is still lost and we’re not giving up on her coming home.

  7. Her owner never came forward and we gave her 30 days to do so. We are happy that this sweet tabby found her new forever home with us. We made an appt for her to be seen by one of the Woodhaven vets Friday afternoon. She will continue to be an indoor cat.

    Chloe is still lost and we’re not giving up on her coming home.


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