Keeping an eye on Edmonds birds

A Horned Grebe in the rain on the Edmonds waterfront. (Photo by Michael McAuliffe)

Edmonds writer/photographer Michael McAuliffe has an article that profiles Edmonds Marsh and waterfront bird watching in a recent edition of

I especially enjoy the waterfront in the fall and winter, when diving ducks and grebes return from their summer vacations,” McAuliffe noted in the article. “From the easily accessible paved pathway, beaches, fishing pier, and jetty, I snap close-up photos of goldeneyes, guillemots, Brant, and scoters bobbing on the chilly Puget Sound waters. The snow-capped Olympic Mountains provide a majestic backdrop. There are surprises, too: Twice I have spotted Snowy Owls on the marina break­water, and I’ve seen Surfbirds and a Brown Pelican from the pier.”

You can read the complete article here. McAuliffe also invites visitors to his Birds of Edmonds online gallery to see more photos.




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