Edmonds Chamber goes to the dogs, as individual membership drive launched


The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, which relies on community support to continue sponsoring events such as the annual Fourth of July celebration and Halloween trick-or-treating, has recently launched an individual membership drive — and you may be surprised to learn who is leading the pack.

The Edmonds Chamber has hundreds of business members, but the individual membership drive is aimed at citizens “who value the community building we do in Edmonds, helping to create that sense of place and encouraging people to come visit,” said President and CEO Greg Urban.

To date, the chamber has two canine members — Tobias Oliver DeBeers, “Toby,” and Brinkley Mendel, “Brinkley.” According to Urban, one of the dogs’ owners is a regular visitor to the chamber office while the other belongs to a chamber business member — and they know a good thing when they see it: “They are able to get a dog treat and warm welcome from staff,” he said.

“We hope that more of our canine citizens sit up and follow the lead of Toby and Brinkley, who convinced their owners to let them join the Edmonds Chamber,” Urban quipped.

The chamber is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year and has a goal of 110 individual memberships during 2017, he added. A family or individual (human or animal) can show their support by joining the Chamber for $125 per year. You can learn more here.

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