Edmonds Vitamins owner celebrates 20 years

Justin Reeder of Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs. (Photos by Linda Ross)

Justin Reeder, owner of Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs, is celebrating her 20th year as a local business. Reeder can be found in her 5th Avenue South shop most days, helping customers find supplements and products for optimal health. She recently shared stories about her business:

“When I opened in February 1997, I had a lot of free time because there were maybe five customers a day back then. Now, it’s nonstop. If I’m not helping – and it takes a lot of time to help because I ask a lot of questions – then I’m ordering product and researching.

“A big thing that has happened in the past 20 years is that many of my customers have become friends. The only reason why I’m still here, even while Amazon is putting people like me out of business, is loyal customers. They are intelligent people who want to be responsible for their health, and the Edmonds area has a lot of them. If this store were anywhere else, I probably wouldn’t still be in business. It’s a consortium of people who are intelligent and know they have to take care of their health. New customers come in every day and they understand that to keep this resource alive, they know what to do.

“For my 20th anniversary in Edmonds, I am celebrating all year with gift baskets and specials.”

You can visit Justin Reeder at Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs at 420 5th Ave. S., #101; closed Sunday. See the business website for product information. And you can learn more about Reeder’s nonprofit work to solve homelessness here.

– By Janette Turner


  1. Congratulations, Justin, and thank you for the great service, the instructive and enlightening conversations, and for being such a great human being. Here’s to another 20 years.

    Wow! I just noticed Stephanie Neff wrote too. Justin and Stephanie on the same page. My day has just gotten much better. Fantastic people, both of them.

  2. I just discovered your shop earlier this year when my kids had a “Where’s Waldo” stop at your store. I absolutely fell in love, and my husband has visited you on my birthday, our anniversary and will do so again to check items off my “wish list”! Thanks for creating such a lovely space.

  3. Justin and Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs is always my go-to for all natural health supplies and information. She is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a fun and wonderful person. Her shop is one of the only refuges left for those of us that appreciate small, local shops that not only have what we need and want, but also care about the community they do business in. Thanks for the years of help and friendship Justin. May you enjoy many years of health and success.

  4. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you, Justin! As you know I have been a strong supporter of you and your shop for the full 20 years. I have referred countless friends and it is wonderful to hear that in many cases they have taken my advice and purchased suggested products from you. Take “Emu Oil” for example. What a miracle cure. “I cheer you on, Justin”.
    (Doctor Mom) Val Dickison

  5. Justin, you are an example of an admirable small business in Edmonds! You are knowledgeable,
    you are listening to your customers’ needs and sometimes problems, and your positive personality
    gives smiles and comfort around you. Thank you for your great service and compassion!
    Congratulations and many more good years in your health and vitamin business!

  6. I love running out of a vitamin or supplement, just so I can go in and see Justin…she always has great suggestions for whatever our needs are! I do my friends a favor by telling them about Justin and to visit her wonderful shop! Edmonds is blessed to have such a store full of healing remedies, and friendly confidential advice! She is truly keeping us healthier and happier!


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