Popular musician duo scheduled for Dueling Pianos at 190 Sunset

Set your calendar for a Sunday, March 12 brunch at 190 Sunset where popular Edmonds’ musician, Nick Baker, will be joined by Mac Potts in an entertaining set of Dueling Pianos.

Sunday, March 12
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Dueling Pianos
Nick Baker and Mac Potts

190 Sunset
at 190 Sunset Ave. in Edmonds

Popular local author and musician, Nick Baker will be joined Sunday, March 12 by his long-time friend, Mac Potts for Dueling Pianos at 190 Sunset. You will want to put this delightful, humor-sprinkled-with-great music event on your calendar and follow the Facebook updates over this next week.

Mac and Nick have performed together on and off for about five years and are premier entertainers who perfected their dueling piano show last fall in the Warehouse 23 district of Vancouver, Wash.

The two are also headliners for the United By Music North America troupe. Performance highlights include several seasons on stage at Edmonds’ Waterfront Blues Festival, the Portland Rose Festival and the Bite of Oregon

Says Kathy Passage, publicist for the event, and My Edmonds News restaurant columnist, “The chemistry between Nick and Mac is a phenomenon. They are in each other’s heads to the point where a couple of notes played by one or the other will lead them into the next song without any verbal and obviously no eye contact signal to indicate the change.

“There’s a fair amount of humor between the two as well. There seems to be this telepathic communication that exists.

“The very first time they sat down and played music together you would have thought listening to the perfection coming from those pianos and their vocalizations, that they’ve been practicing together for years.”

Nick and Mac also perform occasionally with a third visually impaired pianist and fellow alumni from Washington State School for the Blind, Brent Jeffries. That performance group is called 3 Grands, after Michael Allen Harrison’s Ten Grands Productions which performs regularly in the Portland area.



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