City Council recognizes Edmonds Tree Board for its growing success


The Edmonds Tree Board was recognized during Tuesday night’s Edmonds City Council meeting for its efforts that earned the City of Edmonds a Tree City USA Growth Award from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Tree Board Co-Chair Steve Hatzenbeler said this year was the sixth year that Edmonds was certified as a Tree City USA, but the first time the city receved the Growth Award, which recognizes a higher level of tree care.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation’s website, the Growth Award “highlights innovative programs and projects as well as increased commitment of resources for urban forestry.” The website also notes that there are only eight other cities in Washington that have received Tree City USA Growth Awards.

Hatzenbeler said that the Growth Award resulted from the following Tree Board accomplishments, which were above and beyond the standard requirements for Tree City USA certification:
1) Hosted a tree care workshop, “The Seven Myths of Tree Care,” featuring Cass Turnbull.
2) Submitted a regular educational column “Good Trees for Urban Gardens,” by Tree Board member Barbara Chase, which appears regularly in My Edmonds News.
3) All members of the Tree Board completed the Tree Board University program.

The award was presented by Peter Dervin, representing the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals and the Washington Community Forestry Council.

A full report on Tuesday night’s council meeting will be posted Wednesday.

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  1. In all the excitement, I forgot to thank Director Shane Hope and Tree Board Administration assistant Denise Nelson for taking the Tree Board under her wing and helping update the website, codes and all those other fun administrative items. Also, thanks to Kernen, Jen, Rich, Debra and all staff members that have made this year a fun year.




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