Edmonds-area native celebrates Broadway success

Adam Quinn celebrates being chosen creative assistant for the successful On Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen”. Image courtesy www.adamquinn.com.


With well-wishes from Edmonds’ notables, like Driftwood Players’ Mark Press, a congratulations nod on Facebook from Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre, a full feature in The Seattle Times, and nearly 100 Facebook “Likes” from former classmates and theatre-connected friends, native Edmonds resident, Adam Quinn must be feeling “Edmonds-Kind-Of-Love” for his recent Broadway success.

This past month, Quinn was named creative assistant of the hit Dear Evan Hansen, playing at Broadway’s Music Box Theatre. Artfully Edmonds checked for ticket availability for those leaving Edmonds for New York and can tell readers they will be met with “Sold Out” messages for the musical well into June 2017.

Having grown up in Edmonds, with arts- and education-connected parents (Hillary and David Quinn) Adam’s life on the stage began at a very early age and took off with the trajectory of a rocket.

It was less than two years ago that Adam graduated with a BFA in Theatre Directing from the University of Michigan and was named, by Variety Magazine, one of the 110 Students to Watch in the entertainment industry. He immediately headed to New York with his sights set on theatre district marques.

In a recent interview with Seattle Times columnist Mischa Berson, Quinn said, ““No matter how much – or little – you’re being paid, you want to be doing this because you’re excited by the art, and love being in the room while art is made.” (A good affirmation for the wisdom of “follow your passion.”)

Blogger Karen Khalfayan describes Quinn’s interest in musical theatre as something he discovered while “still in diapers.” Although some “twelve-pound actors” decide that the applause is their payment for passion well realized, by 10 years of age Quinn was fully aware of the rewards of directing. It was at the 5th Avenue Theatre that he got his first taste of directing theatrical projects.

Seeking out strong mentors over the years, he made his way as assistant, or associate level director’s assignments for productions that included, in part, Holiday Inn at Godspeed Theatre in Chicago, Elf at Paper Mill Playhouse, Milburn N.J.; and Paint Your Wagon at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre; plus countless acting roles.

In interviews, Quinn credits theatre director Michael Grief as the one making the connection that got him to Dear Evan Hansen and – onto Broadway.

Quinn is currently developing The Bishops under the banner Black Coffee Productions according to his official website. The musical, written by production partner Danny K. Bernstein, looks at the perception of a “successful” American family when “an interview featuring a young chess prodigy being raised by two fathers goes viral and their two children find themselves at the center of a national discussion about the composition of the American family. With the country watching their every move, The Bishops are forced to confront their identities, their relationships and their fears as they strive to be a “picture perfect family.”

My Edmonds News and Artfully Edmonds wish Adam Quinn every success and will bring updates about his work as they are published.

— By Emily Hill


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