Edmonds School District High School Students of Month for February


Edmonds Heights K-12

Sakina Yusuf

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Benjamin Landry

Mother’s Name: Connie Landry

Father’s Name: Keith Landry

Clubs & Activities: Three seasons on the Edmonds Heights Robotics team 3805

Athletics: Black belt in martial arts

Honors: Part of the National Society of High School Scholars

Community Service: Various work with the Food Lifeline food bank as well as Microsoft community clean up

Current Employment: I work for 47 Degrees North Marketing, which is a small film production team based in Bellevue.

Future Educational Goals: I plan on getting my associate’s degree, and I will see what further formal education I need after that.

Future Career Goals: After I finish school, I plan on continuing my work with the “47” production team, as well as generally pursuing work in film, both as a writer and a director.

Anything else we should know? I show my deepest gratitude to my friends and family for supporting me in my career choices. I also would like to mention that the teachers at Edmonds Heights are just as much to thank for my success so far in my chosen field of film. Their support and encouragement to think for ourselves and strive for what we want is half the reason I am pursuing something I love today.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Jared Yu

Mother’s Name: Cissy Yu

Father’s Name: John Yu

GPA: 3.945

Clubs & Activities: Track & Field; Students Saving Salmon Secretary; National Art Honor Society; Co-President; Photography

Athletics: Track & Field

Honors: National Honor Society; National Art Honor Society

Awards; RIT Photo Prize 2015

Community Service: Swedish Hospital Volunteer; Students Saving Salmon

Significant School Project: Students Saving Salmon project with Shell Creek resident; Creating the stained glass window for the Class of 2017

Future Educational Goals: Go to college to obtain a general Bachelor of Science degree

Future Career Goals: Not sure yet, however I want to do something where I will be able to help others and exercise the skills that I have learned, both artistically and academically

Julia Shull

Mother’s Name: Errin Shull

Father’s Name: Jack Shull

GPA: 3.88

ASB: Senior Class of 2017 Treasurer

Athletics: I did gymnastics from when I was four years old to my freshmen year of high school; I have been on the EWHS Varsity Cheer team all four years of high school; Sophomore year I did track and tried pole vaulting for the first time and actually lettered but did not stick to the sport.

Honors: I am in the National Honors Society.

Awards: I made the NCA All-American Cheer Team in 2014 and 2016.

Community Service: I have been a part of the Sparkles/Unified Cheer Team at EWHS the past four years; I volunteered with Earth Corps this year on MLK Day; I have volunteered at the Edmonds 4th of July Parade the past three years.

Future Educational Goals: My goal is to go to the University of Washington.

Future Career Goals: Currently I have had some interest in medical and health services management.

Anything else we should know? I’m thinking about trying out for the UW Cheer Team if I am accepted into UW.

Meadowdale High School

Liam Ball

Mother’s Name: Aoife Kinsella-Ball

Father’s Name: Gerald Ball

GPA: 3.78

Clubs & Activities: LGBTQ+ Club President; Equity Team

ASB:Vice President

Athletics: Captain, varsity wrestling

Honors: AP photography; AP literature and composition; AP biology; calculus

Awards: Wrestling District and Regional Champion 2017; Edmonds Invite Champion 2017 and most outstanding wrestler; Everett Classic Champion 2017; Lynden Invitational Champion and most outstanding wrestler 2017.

Community Service: Volunteered for Jay Inslee and Patty Murray’s campaign by canvassing houses.

Significant School Project: Diversity Assembly to recognize how privilege plays a role in our community.

Current Employment: Sales associate at Pacsun

Future Educational Goals: Four year university and possibly getting a degree in political science.

Future Career Goals: Become a senator in Canadian Parliament.

Student Name: Brooke Hoppe

Mother’s Name: Penny Hoppe

Father’s Name: Steve Hoppe

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: Secretary of National Honors Society, Link Crew Leader, member of HiQ

Athletics: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track

Honors: Cross Country captain, Homecoming Queen

Awards: American Association of University Women in Science Award

Community Service: Volunteered over 90 hours for the Student Conservation Association and packaged food at Food Lifeline

Future Educational Goals: Attend a private four-year university to study biochemistry with a focus on pre-med

Future Career Goals: To work in the medical field

Scriber Lake High School

Aydan Eric Lewis Dennis

Mother’s Name: Sumarra Paradis

Father’s Name: Michael Eric Dennis

GPA: 3.02

Clubs & Activities: Member of the Dungeons & Dragons Club, previously member of the Anime Club

Athletics: I take walks. I also run when I might miss the bus. Otherwise, I’m not much of an athletic person.

Awards: Multiple-Time Star Student (including this month!)

Community Service: Not much more than picking up trash on the ground when I see it.

Significant School Project: Working on my story that may be included in this year’s book.

Current Employment: Sign Spinner with Aarrow Sign Spinners

Future Educational Goals: I definitely plan on going to college, most likely shortly after high school.

Future Career Goals: Hopefully something in robotics, as well as doing some writing on the side.

Anything else we should know? I’m part of the Electronics Engineering Technology Program at Sno-Isle Tech.

Charlene Fisk

Mother’s Name: Misty Fisk

Father’s Name: David Fisk

Athletics: I don’t play on a sports team but I play football and volleyball with my neighbors.

Community Service: I have been keeping the area around my apartments clean and organising the toys and stuff that the kids leave outside for a few years now, I pick up the garbage left outside and clean the laundry rooms.

Current Employment: I don’t have a job yet but I just got my ID and I’m applying.

Future Educational Goals: I plan on going to Edmonds Community College either next year or the year after so I can save money for it and after two years there I plan on transferring to a four-year college

Future Career Goals: I’m not 100 percent sure what I want to do yet but I’ve been thinking about becoming a dental hygienist.

VOICE Transition Program

Crystal Yetter

Father’s Name: Ken Yetter Sr.

Clubs & Activities: Drawing & art

Athletics: Special Olympics Basketball & Bowling

Significant School Project: Project SEARCH intern

Current Employment: Swedish Edmonds Hospital volunteer and guest services intern

Future Educational Goals: Edmonds Community College classes

Future Career Goals: Clothing retail

Anything else we should know? I am a nice person who likes to help others whenever I can.


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