March 2017 Edmonds Diversity Commission report


The Edmonds Diversity Commission at its March 1 meeting discussed its upcoming youth forum, “Your voice matters,” set from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. March 17, in the Edmonds Library Plaza Room in Edmonds.

Commissioners and citizens will facilitate the discussion, which is limited to youth only. Chairs will be placed along the side wall to accommodate parents who chose to attend.

The commission also:

– Heard public comment, including a report from Vanessa Steadman of Maplewood Parent Cooperative, which is working to end use of the word “retard” in schools.

– Welcomed newly appointed commissioner Dean Olson.

– Received a report from the Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition regarding the Edmonds march that drew 400-500 people. Those present stated the march was extremely well organized.

– Heard a suggestion from Edmonds City Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas that a school district task force be developed to assist students with bullying and a recommendation that it would allow first-hand reporting on bullying from the students themselves.

– Discussed plans for a commissioners’ retreat, which will be open to the public and will allow the commissioners to get to know each other better, brainstorm ideas and set goals.

– Had a discussion about a work plan for events and other outreach, including a float for the Fourth of July parade, a picnic, a culture fest, a fashion show and a town hall.

– Talked about networking with active groups in Edmonds and building a clearinghouse of various groups and interested parties.

Several of the eight citizens who were present thanked the Diversity Commission for its vision and work. Several commissioners stated that they were glad to be of service and will continue to make Edmonds a great place to live.

— Report submitted by Misha Carter, Edmonds Diversity Commission

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