Reminder: ‘Bat Lady’ to speak at Floretum workshop March 25


“Bat Lady” Barbara Odegaard, bat researcher with Bats Northwest, will be presenting a workshop for Floretum Garden Club from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 25 at Chase Lake Elementary School.

Along with conducting research, Odegaard also rehabilitates injured bats for Bats Northwest and the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center.

The program will provide facts and dispel myths about bats. Did you know that bats are crucial to the ecosystem as predators of night flying insects and agricultural pests? And that they are pollinators and seed dispersers?

You will also have a chance to meet a couple of the Bat Lady’s pets, from a distance.

The free workshop will be in the commons room of Chase Lake Elementary School, 21603 – 84th Ave. W. Donations are welcome to support ongoing efforts at the non-profit Sarvey Wildlife Care.



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