Scene in Edmonds: Couple celebrates 70 years on St. Patrick’s Day

Eldon and Doris Piercy at Arnie’s Restaurant Friday night. (Photo courtesy Debra Behrens)

St. Patrick’s Day was particularly special for Eldon and Doris Piercy, who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with family members and friends at Arnie’s Restaurant on the Edmonds waterfront.

According to the couple’s daughter Debra Behrens, Eldon Piercy — now 90 — “had a triple bypass in his early 60s, has seven stents in his heart, has had two knee replacements and aortic valve replacement but he keeps on going.”

Doris Piercy, age 88, “has had two hip replacements, has congestive heart failure, severe arthritis and needs a valve replacement and shoulder surgery but cannot have these due to her frailty. But she keeps on going,” Behrens said.

While Eldon Piercy is now in an Edmonds nursing home recovering from surgery and his wife is at an assisted living community in Bothell, the couple still owns a condo in Edmonds, Behrens said.


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  1. We have neighbors that have been married well over 70 years He is 97 and today I caught him mowing his lawn and weeding his flower beds.




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