Always a fun time at Thursday Tiki Trivia

Garth Cameron found himself without tip money at last Thursday’s Taki Tiki Trivia. But since he’s an employee of Safeway, he instead gave emcee Eric Dubbury, right, a Safeway gift card. Garth, with his team of three others, came in second during the evening competition. Join the free, family-friendly fun this Thursday, April 20 at a Very Taki Tiki, 518 Main St., in downtown Edmonds. Enjoy prizes and happy hour food prices too. Sponsored by Cascadia Art Museum, the Edmonds Historical Museum and My Edmonds News. (Photo by Kim Kimmy)


  1. Last week several of us were looking for a place to eat dinner and have a few beers, but two of the places we looked into were so loud that we immediately left – in one case without finishing the beer we’d ordered. Can this really be what Edmonds folks want, brain-numbing, ear-bleeding, shout-to-be-heard din? Acoustic panels, lower music and TV levels – I don’t know, but I simply cannot spend a pleasant hour with friends if my ears hurt and everyone has to shout!

    On a related topic: on’t get me wrong: I love the Tiki, and I’m going there tonight with friends. But it seems that they get front page billing every week – why?

    • Tiki is the host of the weekly trivia contest we sponsor along with the Edmonds Museum and Cascadia Art Museum. Part of our sponsorship is promoting the event.

  2. Aloha Nathaniel, music and TV volume are off during Thursday Trivia from 630-8pm and the only sound would be Eric on the microphone. Yes trivia nights get fun and loud sometimes but people are excited. If it’s not your thing luckily Edmonds has plenty of great spots to check out. Also if you are ever inside the Tiki during non trivia nights or sporting events we suggest just asking the bartender on duty to lower the volume for you. If they do not let us know. Mahalo


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