City Council officially adopts new amendments to pedestrian sign code


As part of its consent agenda Tuesday night, April 4, the Edmonds City Council approved amendments to pedestrian or A-board sign requirements.

These recent changes updated the amendments that were approved by the council in August 2016, and follow up on actions taken during the March 21 city council meeting.

The changes, as noted in a City of Edmonds announcement Wednesday, include the following:

– Each ground floor storefront is allowed 6 additional square feet of sign area to accommodate a pedestrian sign or some other type of permanent signage, at their choice. This means that street front businesses can continue to use pedestrian signs even if their wall signs max-out their allowed sign area. Ground-floor businesses not choosing to use a pedestrian sign now have 6 more square feet of permanent sign area available to them.
– Normally pedestrian signs need to be within 10 feet of the business entry and two feet of the building. However, there are now two exceptions that can be granted by the city to accommodate specific circumstances:
(1) When an alternative location in front of the building or on the property occupied by the business is less intrusive to pedestrian movement or accessibility; or
(2) When the building containing the business is set back from the property line and a location on the property can be provided such that the sign does not encroach onto a public sidewalk
– Governmental signs are now defined so that the city can create a directional signage program.

In addition to the code changes, the city council also reduced two sign fees: there is now no cost for blade signs and pedestrian or A-board signs are now $110. Sign permits are still required for both types of signs; only the permit fees have been reduced, the city said.

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