Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda removes swastika from woman’s car — no charge

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A woman who had a swastika painted on her car — one of several incidents that took place overnight April 16 and were reported to Edmonds police — had a pleasant surprise when she took the vehicle to Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda to have it removed.

The vehicle dealership, located along the Edmonds stretch of Highway 99, cleaned it off free of charge.

“They were just insanely nice,” said Dayna Fisher, who lives in Edmonds’ Five Corners neighborhood, about Doug’s insistence on immediately removing the marking off her 2014 Mazda 6 — and not charging her for it.

Fisher said she didn’t notice the swastika at first on Monday morning, as she was busy loading the car for a trip to visit her daughter in Portland. “My neighbor called me about it,” she said. The swastika covered the car hood, windshield and roof, along with part of the driver’s side mirror.

“I’ve lived a long time but I think that shook me up more than anything in my life,” Fisher said. “I’ve always thought Edmonds was such an open and welcoming place.”

Fisher said that Edmonds police officer Michael Bowers took a report of the incident, and insisted on following her to Doug’s to make sure she arrived safely.

According to Doug’s service consultant Reynalda Brown, the dealership’s detail lot manager Jim Hite arranged to have the markings removed — a job that took about 45 minutes — while Fisher waited.

“Those are the little things that we do on a daily basis for our customers,” Brown said.

— By Teresa Wippel



4 Replies to “Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda removes swastika from woman’s car — no charge”

  1. THIS is what Edmonds is all about – folks who do nice things for people.

    Edmonds is NOT about hate mongers who spray paint cars.

    Thank you Doug’s!



    1. Guess I’ll add Doug’s Mazda to a top spot on my list of dealerships when I start shopping for a new car in a couple of months!




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