Edmonds in Bloom to replace garden competition with expanded garden recognition

    Image courtesy Edmonds in Bloom.

    Celebrating the bounty of beautiful gardens in Edmonds is at the heart of the mission of Edmonds in Bloom. The organization said that’s why it will be replacing its annual garden competition with a broader recognition for outstanding front gardens and business entryways by calling attention to yards and displays this summer with brightly colored Edmonds in Bloom flags.

    “Residents and visitors frequently comment on the floral abundance in our neighborhoods and business areas,” said Kathy Ludgate, Edmonds in Bloom president. “This new format will replace the garden competition and will enable us to recognize and honor more gardeners for their efforts and talents.”

    In June, teams of volunteers will stroll through neighborhoods, talk with homeowners and businesses, and place Edmonds in Bloom flags in yards and displays. The goal is to place 100 flags.

    “We again thank entrants from previous years and look forward to celebrating even more businesses and front yard gardens this year under our new recognition system,” Ludgate said. “We encourage residents to look for the bright flamingo pink Edmonds in Bloom flags this summer.”

    Visit www.EdmondsinBloom.com for more information on the garden and business recognition. Information on volunteering with Edmonds in Bloom, and dates for upcoming events are also on the website.




    1. I have been asked is this replaces the “garden tour”. No, we will still be having our annual garden tour the 3rd Sunday in July. That’s July 16, 2017.

      Janice Carr
      Member: Edmonds in Bloom Garden Tour Committee




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