Four taken for evaluation after two-car crash on Highway 99

First responders work to clear a two-car injury crash in the 22100 block of Highway 99 around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday. Four people were taken to the hospital for the evaluation of minor injuries, police said. (Photo courtesy Edmonds Police Department)


  1. This now makes 3 accidents along Hwy 99 since last Wednesday. I wonder if the city/state or one of the businesses should block off one of the entrances to the Dick’s/Winco parking lot. That might help reduce or even eliminate the number of accidents in that block.

    How in the world did this accident occur? I know that driveway and the driver of the pick-up truck should have turned before he reached the white vehicle’s lane. I know that the inside southbound lane is marked as a right turn only lane. However, there are four places to turn right – the three business entrances (the two to Winco/Dick’s and one to Starbucks) and then onto 220th. Maybe they need to make it so if you’re not turning at the first driveway to stay in the second lane and then switch closer to where you plan to turn right.

  2. There is construction occurring around this area and it does make it more difficult to get in and out. That there are accidents is no surprise, as there is no one to help drivers navigate in-and-out of the parking lot. Just got to be careful.

  3. Yes, there is construction going on along 220th (the bus stop by Winco) but as far as I know, not between 216th and 220th on Hwy 99. Or maybe there is and I just haven’t noticed since I enter the Winco parking lot from 220th. Anyway, people need to slow down and watch for other vehicles including the Swift buses.

  4. I’m going to need to drive that stretch to see how obscured the view is; because from looking at the photo, it doesn’t look like there is any construction activity going on right at the northern most entrance to Winco…


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