Move to Wight’s property will bring services closer to seniors, CEO says

    Wight’s Home & Garden is located at 5026 196th Street Southwest in Lynnwood. (File photo by David Carlos)

    While Wight’s Home & Garden in Lynnwood will soon close and Homage Senior Services (formerly Senior Services of Snohomish County) will take its place, the actual Wight’s building is not expected to change.

    “We’re not knocking down any walls or taking off any roofs, we’re just re-configuring the open space,” said Steve McGraw, CEO of Homage Senior Services. “It will continue to be the visual icon it’s been for so many years.”

    Wight’s announced earlier this month that it will close later this year, likely in June, so the family that owns it can retire. The Anderson family has owned Wight’s since 1983. It was already a 20-year-old establishment when they purchased it.

    They sold the building to Senior Services of Snohomish County, which changed its name to Homage Senior Services shortly after the transaction was finalized. Homage is currently based on Airport Road in Everett.

    “It’s only fitting that the new future of Wight’s involves helping people and serving the community,” Wight’s Home & Garden wrote in its official announcement posted on its website on April 5.

    Homage Senior Services runs Meals on Wheels for the area, along with a multi-cultural senior center in Lynnwood. Homage also helps local seniors navigate systems like Medicare and Medicaid and runs a home repair and modification program, to help seniors to live safely in their own homes by adding grab bars and ramps.

    In addition, Homage partners with Community Transit to provide DART transportation services throughout the county.

    “We plan to be around for a long time,” McGraw said. “The demographic of older citizens in our area is growing significantly. There will be more need.”

    Many of Homage’s services are brought directly to their clients.

    “The majority of our programs are delivered into the home of the client,” McGraw said. “That’s very unique to us.”

    Since many services are provided outside Homage’s office, they don’t need much more space than is currently available at Wight’s Home & Garden.

    For Homage Senior Services, the move to the Wight’s location at 5026 196th St. S.W. creates a series of opportunities. Most importantly, moving to Lynnwood brings the organization’s headquarters closer to many of its customers in south Snohomish County.

    “We are the contract operators for DART buses and we have rides throughout the county, but the majority are in south county,” McGraw said. “We’ll have closer proximity to our clients than we do on Airport Road.”

    Also, the organization can house all of its branches under one roof. Currently, Homage rents three different spaces in different buildings, two in Everett and one in Lynnwood.

    “We could see from the space of the building and the space on the lot that there’s enough room for all of our operations (at this location),” McGraw said. “Also, from a mobility standpoint, it’s close to Highway 99, close to I-5, close to I-405,” he added.

    With everyone under one roof, it creates opportunities for Homage to find efficiencies within their daily operations.

    They also cut overhead costs by paying for the one location instead of renting three.

    “We figured this is a better way for us to maximize our resources but have a space where we can deliver our services,” McGraw said.

    McGraw said Homage plans to have their entire staff operating at the new location by early 2018. Approximately 30 DART buses are also expected to be housed at the location.

    The location is also in a very visible, high-traffic area of Lynnwood, which McGraw says will benefit Homage.

    “We’ll be more accessible that way and we’re excited about that,” he said.

    The 3.14-acre property is currently valued at $4.18 million, according to the Snohomish County Assessor. A sale price is not yet listed.

    –By Natalie Covate

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    1. I saw this happen to several small businesses in Everett.The Snohomish county library wanted the spaces,and had “imminent domain.” Not fair to small business.




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