Pelindaba Lavender to hold grand opening April 22

The Edmonds Pelindaba store, courtesy of the store’s Facebook page.

The Pelindaba Lavender store, which recently opened in the former Nama’s Candy space at 102 5th Ave. N., will host a grand opening Saturday, April 22 from noon to 4 p.m.

There will be lavender refreshments, lavender product sampling, special prizes and a grand prize drawing for a Lavender Spa Weekend at Willow Springs Retreat.

The gallery features lavender products handcrafted on Pelindaba’s organically certified lavender farm on San Juan Island, using the flowers and essential oils it grows and distills right on the farm.

According to a store announcement, lavender has more uses, and the longest recorded history of those uses, than any other plant known in the western world. “Pelindaba’s 200-plus product offerings represent the breadth of these personal care, therapeutic, culinary, household care, pet care, decorative and fragrant uses,” the announcement said.

“For me, a dream has come true,” said store owner Lisa Reddick, a long-time Edmonds resident. “Several years ago I visited Pelindaba Lavender and was overwhelmed with the vision, quality and experience. I knew this was something I wanted to bring to Edmonds.”

Pelindaba Lavender is an 18-year-old open space preservation project that has steadily developed into a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of lavender products handcrafted by local artisans.




  1. Lisa,

    You did not bring Pelindaba Lavender products to Edmonds.
    Pelindaba Lavender products were brought to Edmonds by Elegant Gems, Ltd., at 420 5th Ave. Suite 107, as can be found in their previous advertisements in numerous local publications, and can be attested to by hundreds of customers who purchased Pelindaba Lavender merchandise at Elegant Gems, Ltd.


  2. Congrats Lisa:
    The store looks great and the products are fantastic. I love your enthusiasm, positive attitude and creativity. Your store is a great addition to Edmonds.


  3. Welcome Lisa, I hope the store does well (but I wish it was still Namas – I miss my all to frequent fixes of seafoam). You will find that MOST of the business owners are very supportive of the rest of the business community.


  4. Welcome to Edmonds and best of luck.
    Cline Jewelers is an excellent choice for all your gem needs taken care of in a very professional manner.


    • Mike,
      I welcome Pelindaba to town. Pelindaba is the best, that is why I brought it to Edmonds. I was just correcting a factual misstatement, you are the one who turned the issue against my company. Showing your character Mike.
      Mike must be one of the twenty (20) supporters of the Edmonds Business Improvement district. Your comment has nothing to do with Lavender but is an attack at my Design House, Elegant Gems, Ltd.
      Go to Cline, many of my clients did- which was their mistake, that is why they now come to Elegant Gems. Mike, come to my store, and I will raise my prices to be more in align with who you promote.
      As for the BID, Ed!, the directors personally profited, cash and or airmiles into their own pockets behind members backs, they were asked to apologize, but like all socialist program directors who take money from others, they refuse. Pathetic group of people. Do you associate with these people Mike? Sad.
      The BID, which Chris Fleck is also a supporter of, is just a take money from others program, and waste it, a $ 300 lunch, $ 1,000 for two people to go to a seminar (money from business owners- Not Their Own Money), a $ 66,000.00+ web site, fools and their money are soon parted. Is that a benefit to other business owners? $8,000 on bike racks because the “directors” failed to do research on a flyer they were handed by City Hall. They even have an enrolled agent who is supposed to know something about numbers in their little club, obviously numbers must be very difficult for some people. Any citizen who wants the numbers, stop in and I will give you a copy, you will be disgusted by what you read, total incompetence from the Ed! Board.
      Mike, go to the little Garden Store next to the theater, who is sadly going out of business and ask her what benefit the BID was to her business. Post the answer Mike, tell the truth now.
      As for the Mayors claims of an “Arts Town”, well lets examine the facts, Elegant Gems has been awarded Five (5) International Jewelry Awards, Cline (zero), Rankin (zero).
      I can build for less, sell for less and with better quality. 22 years as a wholesale gemstone and jewelry dealer, manufacturer, importer, international lecturer, contributor to the Smithsonian. $1M sale to D&G in Italy.
      Elegant Gems is the most awarded jewelry design house to ever exist in Edmond’s, the most Internationally Awarded artist to ever operate in Edmond’s. For that matter, one of the best in the United States. So you dislike my company? So, you are right Mike, if you want second rate jewelry, go somewhere else, I don’t do that, I don’t charge high prices.
      Arts Town? And putting lights down a street is not art, it is in violation of Federal Highway laws. And if you need the name of the #1 highway engineer on the West Coast, I can provide that to you, I have some experience at this.
      So, Mike, you may dislike my company because I do not back, or participate in the forced taxation club of the BID Ed!, but the fact is their is no better jeweler in Edmonds. And I thought it was an “Arts Town”.
      But, back to your partisan issue, the BID is a organization which harms small business owners, and only shows the greed of City Hall, give us your money, so we can waste it on City wants. Mike maybe you should read the state law before you get involved in issues over your pay grade.
      Chris and Mike, I will be at the BID meeting to collect more signatures to shut down this disgusting money confiscation scheme of Ed!, which into it’s third year, is a total failure except for the directors ego’s, and it’s own bravado.


  5. Mike, sorry I did not see the invisible ink you used to promote the BID, the mayor or the arts. Best get new glasses I guess.


    • Keep up the good work Chris and Mike. Us Rankins, the Comstocks and Andy Cline are happy for each other and supportive of each other. And very friendly. That’s the way it’s usually done in Edmonds.




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