Port of Edmonds awarded $10,000 tourism promotion grant


The Port of Edmonds has been awarded a special $10,000 funding grant from the Port of Seattle to promote Edmonds as a preferred tourist destination.

“The Port of Edmonds already has established strong brand recognition in boating and tourism: ‘Your Homeport Advantage and Choice Destination: Quality, Service, Value, Convenience,'” the port said in announcing the award. “Meanwhile, the port has been
aggressively implementing a marketing plan that emphasizes tourism as a core strategic imperative with dollar multipliers that strengthen the local economy of Edmonds.

For example, the Port of Edmonds partnered with Puget Sound Express to operate whale-watching excursions out of the port’s marina starting in 2015. Puget Sound Express is now in its third year, and this year expects to bring more than 15,000 new visitors to Edmonds.

“These daytrippers also discover the many and various other local attractions such as art galleries, restaurants and shops,” the port announcement said. “Spend, go and come back again. That’s the magic formula. The tourism promotion grant is intended to expand this initiative.”

The Port of Edmonds said it is also working with the City of Edmonds and the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau “to create innovative marketing strategies that will leverage the funding provided by the Port of Seattle.”

“This grant funding is a force multiplier that enables the Port to expand our marketing reach into new segments that extends outside our local region, including inland areas such as Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix and many other population centers,” said Port of Edmonds Commission President Fred Gouge. “On behalf of the Port of Edmonds, I would like to thank the Port of Seattle as well as the City of Edmonds and the Tourism Bureau for their support and collaboration. Teamwork is essential to a successful tourism marketing campaign that will benefit the economic vitality of the entire community.”


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