Scene in Edmonds: Sea lion snooze

From LeRoy VanHee: Sea lions near the Edmonds Fishing Pier Sunday. Sea lions often sleep in small or large groups — a behavior called rafting — with only a flipper or tail visible, according to this link. Occasionally a nose will also pop out of the water for a breath, the blog notes. 


  1. Great shot LeRoy. Someone told me there could be as many as 20-30 in the group that is spending time along the waterfront.

    • I counted 21 on Tuesday…and they were there for hours. We can hear them ” barking” up at Pt Edwards.

  2. Do you know what species they eat, the protected salmon juvenile fry! This area is where the local fry feed before going out to the ocean. Now it is the local Sea Lion happy hour devastating the Salmon population.

    • Researchers that have studied the diet of these sea lions found that they are primarily eating a whitefish called hake or Pacific whiting at this time of year in Puget Sound, not juvenile salmon. Sea lions do eat salmon, but I understand it is mostly adult salmon migrating into Puget Sound rivers. Harbor seals are more commonly known to feed on juvenile salmon.


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