City to begin work next week on Sunset Avenue parking modifications


Now that better weather is on the way, the City of Edmonds Public Works Department said that crews next week will begin work to change up the parking configuration along Sunset Avenue.

City Street and Storms Manager Tod Moles noted that the Edmonds City Council last fall directed city staff to remove the 21 angle parking spaces on the street and replace them with parallel parking spaces. The council also asked staff to work with local residents to find locations for additional parallel stalls along the rest of Sunset Avenue, Moles said.

“On Monday, we will be removing the angle parking curb stops and surface markings,” Moles said. “Tuesday we hope to re-stripe the parallel stalls and will begin reaching out to local residents looking for comment regarding proposed locations for additional stalls along the remainder of Sunset Avenue.”


  1. Any plans on putting up either curb stops or better signage explaining to drivers that they need to park east of the walkway striping instead of right up against the curb?
    I still frequently see parallel parked cars in the walkway and the signage and marking don’t make it clear for new visitors.

  2. Annnd there goes the end of watching the sunset from your parked car. I suppose that’s one way to decrease traffic on the street.

  3. You think congestion was bad before – just wait until drivers have to wait for someone to leave a “tight” parking space. And then wait for an elderly resident to park an over-sized car in that spot. If the goal of the Sunset experiment is to deter any parking on Sunset Avenue, it will have been met.

  4. come on everyone, the parking has been ugly and making Sunset a parking lot. it should be a quitter street. The City went against most of the citizens and made the problem in the first place.

  5. All the parking changes in the world won’t alleviate anything on Sunset Ave. without enforcement. Drive down there during any beautiful sunset and you will see cars parked bumper to bumper from Edmonds St. to Caspers St. with no regard to marked parking places or no parking zones opposite homeowners’ driveways.

  6. So glad to hear they’re getting rid of that horrible and dangerous angle parking and going back to parallel parking. The sooner the better

  7. Sunset Avenue was much more appealing before all of the changes. Time spent there felt like a privilege, a gift, and gave me a feeling of being in touch with nature rather than feeling like I was in a city park. I personally had never heard anyone complain about the way it used to be. Everyone was friendly, relaxed and respectful when I was there. I have only visited a few times since the changes were made and felt like I just wanted to keep on walking to get out of the ‘crowd’. Just my opinion.


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