Edmonds Police Blotter: May 30-June 6


May 30

900 block Spruce Street: Vehicle prowl interrupted by homeowner.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A man damaged a hospital room in the emergency department.

700 Main Street: Some time over the holiday weekend someone attempted to break into four separate classrooms at the Frances Anderson Center. No entry was gained and nothing was missing.

20900 block 80th Avenue West: A woman found a suspicious burned metal cylinder in her front yard.

8400 block 200th Avenue Southwest: A woman reported her adult son was missing from a Seattle-area hospital.

100 block Pine Street: A construction worker interrupted a vehicle prowl; suspects were not identified.

23600 block Highway 99: Theft of liquor was reported.

500 block Admiral Way: A left rear window was broken out of a vehicle and purse was taken; nothing of value in the purse.

22200 block Highway 99: A man violated a written trespass notice.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: A verbal argument was reported between boyfriend and girlfriend.

May 31

8800 block 236th Street Southwest: An argument reported between boyfriend and girlfriend.

7700 block 212th Street Southwest: Police received a report of a father using discipline when child refused to exit vehicle for school.

50 block Railroad Avenue North: Graffiti was spray painted in restrooms at Brackett’s Landing park sometime overnight.

22400 block 93rd Place West: Bicycles were stolen from a carport.

9100 block 189th Place Southwest: A man reported threats made via the Internet, which he has deleted, and via text message.

23000 block 100th Avenue West: A student assaulted another student at the bus stop.

7300 block 213th Place Southwest: Attempted theft from a vehicle led to threats to kill.

7000 block Meadowdale Beach Road: Police responded to a property dispute between divorcing husband and wife.

23500 block 200th Avenue West: Overnight vehicle prowl reported with theft of ID and credit card.

20600 block 78th Place West: Vehicle prowl reported with nothing taken.

800 block Main Street: Verbal dispute between girlfriend and boyfriend.

8200 block Lake Ballinger Way: Boyfriend assaulted girlfriend after an argument.

June 1

7700 block 175th Street Southwest: Property was taken from an unlocked home during the night.

24300 block 76th Avenue West: Verbal argument reported between husband and wife.

9700 block Firdale Avenue: A man said his motorcycle license plate was stolen at some time during the last two months.

23800 block Edmonds Way: A driver was cited for negligent driving after spinning out and jumping the State Route 104 median.

20500 block 79th Avenue West: A vehicle was prowled and property was stolen.

9300 block 220th Street Southwest: A woman requested that police destroy old BB guns.

7800 block 202nd Place Southwest: A lost wallet was reported.

9500 block Edmonds Way: A threat was received through social media.

9500 block Edmonds Way: A dog was found.

18800 block 86th Place West: A dog was found.

900 block Hindley Lane: A mailbox was damaged.

600 block Admiral Way: Someone smashed a car door window at Marina Beach.

8500 block 240th Street Southwest: A woman was physically assaulted by her boyfriend, who fled the area and was not located.

23600 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

June 2

23100 block Highway 99: A  traffic stop for no headlight led to a DUI.

22300 block 76th Avenue West: A vehicle prowl, theft of watercraft and quad keys from an unsecured vehicle was reported from a parking lot overnight.

500 block Pine Street: A woman reported her vehicle was prowled overnight and a pair of sunglasses taken.

200 block Railroad Avenue: A vehicle was broken into and a radio taken.

700 block 14th Way Southwest: A vehicle was prowled overnight with nothing taken.

21900 block Highway 99: A found wallet and contents were turned over to police.

700 block Edmonds Way: Adult Protective Services requested an investigation into possible financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

23600 block 107th Place West: Identity theft reported, with credit cards opened in the reporting party’s name.

24100 block Highway 99: Shoplifting reported from a business, with suspects leaving in a vehicle.

18700 block 81st Avenue West: Police received a report of fraud from a bank account through PayPal after an Ebay purchase.

24100 block Highway 99: A woman was arrested for theft from a local business.

June 3

8500 block 202nd Street Southwest: Multiple mailboxes were opened with stolen mail scattered on road from various locations.

23200 block 74th Avenue West: Two locking mailboxes on the same post were forced open. Mail was left inside both boxes. Unknown if any mail was taken at this time. Damage was estimated at approximately $125 per box.

10600 block 231st Street Southwest: Identity theft with known suspect.

7200 210th Street Southwest: A metal multi-condo mailbox was pried on the front. Entry was not gained, but the locking mailbox will need to be replaced at an estimated cost of $400. Many other area locking mailboxes were broken into overnight and mail was stolen in the city. (See related story here.)

21300 block 72nd Avenue West: Adult man and woman with a 4-year-old daughter engage in a verbal argument at the bus stop.

8400 block 202nd Street Southwest: A package was stolen out of a mailbox.

June 4

1500 block 9th Avenue North: A resident reported damage to her locking mailbox and mail stolen.

7200 block 224th Street Southwest: A stolen vehicle was recovered, and another vehicle’s stolen plate was found on dash of car.

500 block Main Street: A report of a suspicious person was investigated.

9500 block Bowdoin Way: A man reported he had found a couple of suicide notes on a local park trail.

10100 block Edmonds Way: A shoplift and assault occurred at Goodwill.

17700 block 76th Avenue West: Police responded to a verbal argument between roommates.

June 5

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A man was trespassed from a local restaurant.

7300 block 224th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Items were taken from an unlocked car.

1000 block Walnut Street: A complainant reported that someone had written threats on a tree stump at a construction site.

7600 block 212th Street Southwest: A bike was stolen from a Edmonds-Woodway High School.

June 6

21400 block 72nd Avenue West: An elderly subject was reported missing but is located and returned.

18200 block 72nd Avenue West: A foreign exchange student reported someone swearing at her.

21300 block 80th Avenue West: An adult female was trespassed from a local apartment complex.

22900 block Highway 99: A Domino’s driver was threatened with a firearm.

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