Police urge vigilance following overnight mail thefts


Edmonds police are urging residents to pick up their mail regularly and consider the purchase of a locking mailbox after a significant amount of mail was stolen in downtown and north Edmonds overnight.

Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Shane Hawley estimated that between 100 and 200 pieces of mail were taken between Friday night and Saturday morning. The crime is especially prevalent this time of year because money is often mailed as a graduation gift, Hawley said.

While much of the mail was stolen from unlocked mailboxes, some was also taken after thieves pried open locked boxes, Hawley said. That’s why it’s a good idea to empty your mailbox regularly, even if you have a locking box, he said.

Thieves generally go through mail right after they steal it, then discard it on the street or in a nearby location after they have removed anything worth stealing, like cash or checks, Hawley said.

Edmonds police will return any found mail to the post office, so it can be re-delivered to residents, he added.

Police currently have no suspects in the overnight mail theft.

2 Replies to “Police urge vigilance following overnight mail thefts”

    1. Police didn’t specify any one address or street as it was widespread. However, from communication I’ve seen from various neighborhoods, there were thefts reported in several places overnight, including Five Corners and even the Lake Ballinger area. Be alert, collect your mail daily and invest in a locking mailbox if you can — although some thieves are prying those open too.




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