Edmonds police: Stabbing suspect caught in California

    Marco Vicente-Dominguez

    Updated at 8:40 a.m. July 14 with additional details.

    Marco Vicente-Dominguez, suspected of stabbing two men in an Edmonds apartment building July 9, has been apprehended in California.

    Edmonds police said Friday morning that  detectives had information that placed Vicente-Dominguez in the Pasadena area. After working with law enforcement agencies in that region, Edmonds detectives were able to locate him Thursday evening.

    He was taken to a Pasadena jail where he is awaiting extradition, police said.

    Police had issued a $1 million arrest warrant for the 24-year-old Vincente-Dominquez, who has been charged with two counts of first-degree domestic violence assault in the attacks on his male roommates, ages 30 and 35. Both of his victims remain at Harborview Medical Center following surgery for numerous stab wounds.

    Police said Vincente-Dominquez had been in telephone contact with his girlfriend in Mexico, and feared he may have been attempting to return there to avoid capture.




    1. I don’t buy into the “build a wall” nonsense, but this certainly seems to support the idea of screening folks that come across the border a little better. You can’t cross into Canada with a DUI on your record.

          • John, you are so on-target. This 40-foot wall is nonsense. It didn’t stop the stabbers in our midst.
            We need a lot more border patrol and other ways to fight the immigration problem.

          • Agreed. But immigration is down, deportations rose under Obama and continue. The real issue is how to prevent illegal entry, without at the same time resorting to some draconic “solution” that ignores humanitarian concerns, or for that matter, the rights of citizens in border areas. Perhaps one way would be to come down on those who hire illegals, and thus make illegal entry more attractive. There is no one, simple solution, and politicians are sometimes inclined to take “actions” that look more effective than they are.

        • If this guy had no previous arrests I will take back what I said. But how likely do you suppose that is?

          And if he swam across the Rio Grande or crossed the desert, you’re also right that it’s really hard to stop people from sneaking across the border. But I think it’s probably more likely that he drove into the country on I-5.

          I guess we will see as more facts come out.

          One thing’s for certain: most people are not capable of the sort of violence he showed, not in retaliation for someone making a remark they didn’t like. This is a person habituated to sorting out his problems by stabbing people or worse.

          • As for the “wall” stuff, unless we get Mexico to outlaw ladders, shovels, and boats, that wall won’t do much.

    2. What is a $1m arrest warrant? Best I can figure with the research done is Edmonds got a judge to issue the arrest warrant and that the $1m part of it is like a bail amount. Anyone know if this is about right of an arrest warrant with a dollar value?

    3. This savage who stabbed his friends lived in my neighborhood, and no one seemed to have a clue about his past or present activities. I do believe neighbors should be more diligent in looking out for our welfare. Border agents are better than a wall, but they don’t get everyone they should.

    4. I am missing anywhere in this or other reporting anything that states the suspect was here illegally. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears at this point any reference to status appears to be conjecture. Racial profiling? I find that disturbing. How about you wait until all of the necessary details are in before participating in this type of narrative? Even better, put this energy into addressing any and all violence committed, regardless of status, and focusing on what we can do to protect everyone in our community; especially considering the overwhelming majority of violent crimes are committed by US citizens. Let’s be outraged about violence, not immigration status.


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