Looking back: July 20 Edmonds Cemetery event to spotlight Spanish-American War vets

Robert Earl Bonney, Medal of Honor recipient

The short-lived Spanish-American War during 1898 is little noted in this country’s history books. However, this skirmish in Cuba and the Philippines helped plunge the United States into its involvement in the affairs of the world, and even into imperialism.

Take a walk back in time at 1 p.m. Thursday, July 20 at Edmonds Memorial Cemetery as costumed members of the Edmonds Cemetery Board and some of their friends escort visitors to designated grave sites and tell the stories of five veterans from that time who are buried in our pioneer cemetery. As a prelude, you will also hear a reminder of the history of this almost- forgotten war as well as its aftermath, when as a result of our purchase of the Philippine Islands we soon were involved in yet another conflict.

Edmonds Memorial Cemetery

Altogether, there are at least eight veterans of the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurgency buried at Edmonds Memorial Cemetery: Samuel Snow Atwood (1873-1950), George L. Bolduc (1878-1905), Charles Schlenker Iaeger1860-1937), Peter Louie Murie (1880-1962), Reuben Clifton Wieder (1877-1957), Edward Joseph Dusek, Sr. (1875-1967), John J. Kiernan (1875-1948) and Joseph Paul Theroux 1874-1931). The five men whose stories will be told are veterans Atwood, Bolduc, Iaeger, Murie and Wieder.

There will also be a remembrance for Robert Earl Bonney (1882-1967), a one-time resident of Alderwood Manor (Lynnwood) and Edmonds; and a former employee of Edmonds School District 15. Although, Mr. Bonney is not buried at Edmonds Memorial Cemetery, he was this area’s only recipient of our country’s highest military award — the Medal of Honor. A long-time member of the U.S. Navy, he became one of only 193 men to have received this special award as the result of an act of heroism during peacetime.

The Edmonds Memorial Cemetery and Columbarium is located at 820 15th St. S.W., Edmonds. Refreshments will be served. For more information, call 425-771-4741.

— By Betty Lou Gaeng



  1. This is fantastic. I wish it were not during the work day and would like to encourage the board to do this during a weekend sometime.




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