Are you ready to start ‘Taming Bigfoot’? Details coming this fall


    Bigfoot graphicRecently Bigfoot was spotted in Edmonds – in the Fourth of July parade.

    According to the City of Edmonds, Bigfoot’s appearance “marks the early stages of a community competition called Taming Bigfoot Edmonds that will launch this fall.”

    Led by a community steering committee developed through the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee, community teams will form to compete in activities that help to shrink their carbon footprint, the city said. Prizes will be awarded to the team that reduces the most overall, along with awards in many other categories.

    Visit for details as they develop. Initial sponsors include Walnut Street Coffee and Campbell Auto Group.


    1. The Interfaith Climate Group is part of the steering committee and approached and pitched the successful Jefferson County project to the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee. The City of Edmonds’ Tree Board was actually the first sponsor and a commissioner is on the Steering Committee.
      So it is a great team!


    2. I dont mean to be that guy, but CO2 emmissions are a good thing. The positive effects of CO2 on a healthy biosphere are well know, but the effects of CO2 on atmopheric temp are not. The planet is at the lowest levels of CO2, ever, due to the longterm (one-way) process of Carbon Sequestration. Humans are inadvertently replentishing CO2 that the planet enjoyed over a half million years ago.




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