Driver fleeing police in rented Lamborghini arrested Saturday night after crash

    The Lamborghini following the crash at 226th Street and Hwy 104. (Photo by Jacob Kimerer)

    An intoxicated 23-year-old Marysville man who crashed a rented Lamborghini while fleeing police officers in Edmonds was booked into Snohomish County Jail Saturday night. A 20-year-old woman who was a passenger in the vehicle was also arrested and booked for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

    According to Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Josh McClure, the incident started Saturday, Aug. 12 around 11:30 p.m. in the 500 block of Main Street. An Edmonds police sergeant saw the 2015 Lamborghini stopped in the middle of Main Street, with the female passenger leaning out the window holding a beer.

    The sergeant told the driver to pull over, but the driver instead drove away. Other police officers, who were in the area as part of a “safety emphasis” related to the annual Taste of Edmonds, saw the vehicle run several stop signs in the downtown area, and they attempted to stop it on 5th Avenue. After the Lamborghini took off, police initially pursued the vehicle, but terminated the chase “due to speed and safety factors,” McClure said.

    The Lamborghini was found a few moments later at 226th Street Southwest and State Route 104, where it had crashed into the rear end of another vehicle. Both the driver and passenger in the Lamborghini were taken into custody without further incident. “Parties from the other vehicle were shaken but OK,” McClure said.

    The Lamborghini, which police said sustained “significant damage,” had been rented by the driver’s brother for a family event earlier in the day.

    The man was processed for DUI and also booked into Snohomish County Jail for attempting to elude a police vehicle.


    1. I’m tempted to wonder, when I read about incidents like this, and the need for increased policing and extra security, combined with the noise and congestion and the absence of actual Edmonds restaurants, whether it might not be time to re-consider the event, or think of ways it might be managed with less impact. Can we have an estimate of what the Taste costs Edmonds, vs. how much it brings in? The merchants I have spoken to are not enthusiastic.

      Let me add that I am very appreciative of the hard work and careful planning of those in charge of promoting the vent, who have done a wonderful, difficult job. But do we need the Taste? Does Edmonds profit from it?

    2. So you are blaming the Taste of Edmonds for one drunken mans decision? How would you manage an event better than they already have with “less of an impact”? It’s self contained in a play field unlike the car show and Saturday markets that shut down city streets. Maybe we should get rid of the 4th of July celebrations since they bring noise and congestion and zero profits to the city. Sometimes events like these are more for a sense of community then they are for the city trying to make profits, maybe you should remember that before you try to audit their budget.

      • Please re-read what I actually wrote. Nowhere did I blame the Taste for one person’s decision; apparently you didn’t get past the first sentence. Nor did I suggest closing the Taste down, or an “audit,” but rather a reconsideration of the benefits vs costs of the event. I will ask however how a Taste with three Edmonds “tastes” and hordes of out-of-towners fosters our community? Hyperbole about the 4th gets us nowhere at all and is far, far beyond the questions I was asking.

      • The article is about a man under the influence who fled from the police and crashed into another vehicle well after the hours of the event. Yet you point out ” incidents like this” to go to question if we should “re-consider the event”. Btw,
        Audit: noun – A systematic review or assessment of something
        The comment about three “tastes” is just silly, they are all different venues/ events again to bring the community together. It’s nice to go to a family friendly event and see old friends and possibly make new ones and see local vendors. Edmonds is a great family friendly city with a small town feel why should we shoo away out-of-towners to our “public” events. These events showcase our great community we have built up, maybe others will see the charm of Edmonds and make a return trip and try the local eateries and shop at the local shops. As for my sarcastic remark on the 4th, it meets every complaint you’ve listed; extra policing/ security, noise and congestion, benefits vs cost of event (big money to watch things go boom and be over within an hour)

        • Thank you Randy – that clarifies much of what I was wondering about – much appreciated. I’m not a naysayer – just a questioner, and you have answered my questions.

    3. Thank you Sean,
      The taste of Edmonds is the single biggest fund raiser for the Edmonds Chamber. Without the Taste the Chamber would have to operate on such a skinny budget, it would not be able to give the city of the events that some take for granted…The Classic Car Show (325 entrants, and I think 10,000 people in town to spend money) The 4th of July (just a great venue for all the residents of Edmonds) Halloween on main Street (the Chamber gives out more than 4000 candies of different kinds) to all the kids that dress in their favorite costumes and even the adults get dressed up and lets not forget The Christmas Tree Lightening (Christmas carols, Santa and everything that goes with it for the kids).
      If you remember, a couple of years ago the taste was rained out (lightening) on Friday. The Chamber had to struggle that year, asking people to help and trying to come up with fund raisers to support the events that were to follow.
      There are very few paid positions within the Chamber of Commerce. All of the many volunteers are just that, volunteers. The volunteers are the face of the Chamber events. They are the ones you interact with at the events.
      You have all heard the expression “Walk a Mile In My Shoes”. Maybe all the naysayers should walk in the shoes of the organizers and volunteers, instead of making it harder for them.

      • Mustn’t ask questions – I guess. But Randy did a nice, clear – and courteous – job of answering them.

    4. I like the back and forth on the issues such as the Taste. Good questions and good answers. We don’t need to scold people for participating in what seems to me quite a polite discussion. We need to see many viewpoints.

    5. Back to the focus of the article.

      Good call Edmonds Police for abandoning the pursuit. Could have been much worse, especially given lots of people on foot as Taste crowds dissipated.


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