Edmonds hydroplanes set for Saturday after Detroit qualifier


After Friday’s qualifying action, both Edmonds-based unlimited hydroplane are roaring to go for Saturday’s President’s Cup in Detroit.

Dustin Echols had some difficulties with Kelly Stocklin’s Bucket List Racing as the connection between the engine and the gear box broke during qualifying. Fortunately, their new propellers, mentioned in Thursday’s report, are all still in tip-top shape. The team has spare parts for what broke Friday, so there is great optimism. The boat was looking good before the problem surfaced.

Our other local hydroplane, Scott and Shannon Raney’s Miss DiJulio presents J&D’s, had a great day. The changes that Scott Raney outlined in Thursday’s story seemed to work as Tom Thompson drove the boat to third place in qualifying, at a speed of 157.998 mph — more than 11 mph faster than last year on the same course.

The team has brought along several local students — Jack, Fynn and Eric Peterson — who are using unlimited hydroplanes as part of a Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program that the Raneys are developing with local schools. We will have more information on that after the race season.

There are eight boats racing in the President’s Cup Saturday. They will race again Sunday in the Gold Cup — two races in one weekend. A strain will be put on both personnel and equipment to pull it off.

Jimmy Shane was the top qualifier Friday with the HomeStreet Bank Unlimited at 162.068 mph, followed by Andrew Tate in the Realtrac at 161.235

Here is the complete list of entries with speeds:

U-1      HomeStreet Bank         Jimmy Shane              162.068

U-9      RealTrac                      Andrew Tate               161.235

U-11    Miss DiJulio presents J&D’s Tommy Thompson    157.988

U-12    Graham Trucking          J. Michel Kelly           156.414

U-3      Grigg’s Ace Hardware   Jimmy King                155.598

U-7      Spirit of Detroit            Bert Henderson           145.460

U-99.9 Car Star Miss Rock        Kevin Eacrett              no time

U-440  Bucket List Racing         Dustin Echols             no time



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  1. YES! Thanks for the only local coverage we can find. I’m sending a letter to the Seattle Times for helping to KILL the hydroplane sport. They put a few inches of vague coverage in today’s paper.



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