Shane wins Gold Cup in race that proves destructive


Jimmy Shane driving his HomeStreet Bank unlimited hydroplane won Sunday’s Gold Cup race in Detroit. He took the lead at the start and was able to hold off challenges of both the Graham Trucking and the Realtrac hydros.

Michael Kelly attacked first with the Graham Trucking, catching Shane going into the last turn of the first lap. The boat hooked a bit and Kelly needed to slow down and steady the craft. He tried at the same place again on the next lap, but this time it hooked more severely and the front wing flew off the boat. Kelly had just escaped a scare an hour earlier (more below) and decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and resigned himself to letting Shane go. Kelly ended up third.

Next to attack was Realtrac’s Andrew Tate. Unlike his performance the rest of the day, Tate was back and a little late at the start. He was also outside of Shane so he had to travel a further distance. He doggedly pursued but just didn’t have the speed to overcome those disadvantages. He ended up third. Jimmy King in the Grigg’s Hardware couldn’t keep up with the top three and came in fourth.

What happened to our Edmonds boats, you ask? Well, Dustin Echols finished his first heat with the Bucket List Racing but then encountered mechanical woes, which forced Kelly Stocklin’s boat to withdraw.

Our other local boat had even worse luck. As mentioned Saturday, Miss DiJulio presents J&D’s had a drive shaft break, which did significant damage to the boat. Scott and Shannon Raney and the entire crew spent all night repairing it, only to find that their last drive shaft had also been damaged. No other team had one of the same size, so they were out before the day started. But the team still contributed to the action, which we’ll explain a little later.

The only boat to have a worse day than our local boats was Bert Henderson in the Spirit of Detroit. He was going along fine, staying out of trouble and finishing each of his heats. In the final, he was given permission to mix it up with the other boats. In the last corner leading to the start, his boat skipped out and bounced off Shane’s boat, then swerved directly into the path of Kelly, who ran right over the top of him. Both boats stopped and the heat was stopped. Henderson’s protective canopy did its job of protecting him, but it also got destroyed while doing so.

It was immediately thought that the Graham Trucking boat was out, but here is where our local J&D team got involved. They and the crews of several teams rushed over and replace a canard wing and checked all the systems so that Kelly could go out for the rerun of the final heat. Fortunately both boats’ protection systems worked and neither driver was hurt.

Here is a video of the accident from Kelly’s point of view. Noticed Henderson’s boat come by the outside and the spin right into his path.

Here is a video from Henderson’s point of view. You can see him pass Kelly, slide out and make contact with Shane and veer into the path of Kelly, than actually watch Kelly’s boat go over the top of him.

The boats next head to San Diego to finish the season. Follow the action here on My Edmonds News.

— By Harry Gatjens

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  1. After the race, just to cap off his difficult last couple of hours, Kelly was disqualified for a fuel violation. So the final order was Shane 1st, Tate 2nd, King 3rd, Kelly DSQ, Henderson DSQ




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