Sponsor spotlight: With cooler weather ahead, time to check your attics and crawl spaces


With cooler temperatures ahead, Edmonds-based Airganic suggests that homeowners get their attics and crawl spaces checked and cleaned.

“Check out our Facebook page to see some of the kinds of damage we find that homeowners are completely oblivious to until we inspect their homes,” the company said. “As temperatures begin to drop and we move towards fall, we find much more damage caused by rodent intrusion as rats and other creatures seek shelter.”

A family-owned heating, cooling and insulation company, Airganic can remove the old insulation and vapor barrier, provide full pest control and exclusion work, sanitation and deodorizer and finally installation of new insulation and vapor barrier. They also offer blown-in insulation installation.

“On all our projects, our crews take extra precautions to make sure the home stays clean and is protected through all the process,” the company said.

After the work is complete, homeowners “enjoy a much more allergen friendly environment, minus many the airborne particles that are prone to making people ill.”

Call 206-259-0890 or schedule free inspection on the website https://www.airganicseattle.com

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